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Dec 22 1879

Stalin's birthday!

Dec 22 1955

The corpse of Evita Peron is stolen by anti-Peronistas.

Dec 22 1972

An earthquake destroys the city of Managua, Nicaragua, leaving 6,000 dead.

Dec 22 1984

Bernhard Goetz shoots 4 teenage boys on the NYC subway after one of them asks him for money.

Dec 22 1996

An alien cadaver of height 5 centimeters is found at the Kibbutz Achihod, Ahyud Israel. Scientists at Israel's Technion Institute in Hafnia determine that not enough material is present to conduct "proper tests" but the alien's composition is chiefly cow manure.

Dec 22 2001

Richard Reid attempts to blow up an American Airlines transatlantic flight by igniting a plastic explosive concealed in his shoe. Other passengers beat the living daylights out of him.

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