R. A. Rahe Dream Productions will put you on the Web!! From the drawing board to the finished product. We will help you reach millions of potential customers with a captivating and marketable site. Your site can range from simple to spectacular, depending on your needs. Build a bigger client base by letting your customers find you, as they surf the information superhighway while you simplify your existing customer relations through e-mail and on-line ordering.

R. A. Rahe Dream Productions, Inc. can be reached for a free consultation about designing and building your Web site at (330) 334-1226. Visit us on the Web at www.dreamsters.com or e-mail info@dreamsters.com.

If you don't see a package here that meets your needs, don't worry. Our packages, and the prices listed are guidelines only. We are always happy to work with you.

Dreamsters Hosting

1-5 Page Site $14.95/Month
6-10 Page Site $24.95/Month
11-15 Page Site $34.95/Month
One-time set up charge $50.00

A Full 50 Meg Site $49.95/Month
One-time start up fee $50.00
Two-year INTERNIC Registration $100.00
  • 50 megabytes of fast server space.
  • 2 gigs of transfer.
  • Your own domain name.
  • FREE POP e-mail account.
  • Unlimited Virtual Email aliases.
  • Guestbook.
  • Random text displayer - displays a rotation of simple sayings or quotes.
  • WWW Bulletin Board.
  • Full-site counter - keep track of how many people visit your site..
  • Weekly Colorful reports detailing every visit to site available at $5.00/Report via e-mail.
  • CGI-Bin access - Each domain will have this, a variety of pre-configured scripts.
  • In-site Search Engine.
  • Cgiemail - send script with fully configurable forms, sample forms provided.
  • Password Protected Secure Directories.
  • Secure Ordering Payment System for credit-card information.
  • Form.cgi - allows any form to be sent by mail or written to database.
  • Discussion Forums for your web site ready to go.
  • Redirection: the ability to redirect a web page to read information from other sources.
  • We support PERL 4, 5 & 5.003, C++, TCL, and Python.
  • Imagemap - for clickable image redirection.
  • Shopping Cart.
    Real Audio One-time start up fee of $139.50 plus $14.95/Month for two Real Audio files. $50.00 set up fee for each additional track.
    Additional POP Mail Accounts only $34.95 one time charge.
    Additional list server setup only $34.95 one time charge.

    Design and Construction

    Since every business is different, and company needs vary, please contact us for a free evaluation and estimate on designing and constructing a WebSite to suit your needs.