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We are publishing a CDROM containing many more images than are present on the website. It is the intent that the images be highly interesting to our avid viewers.

All proceeds collected from the sale of these CDROM's will go to two purposes: (1) provide funding for continuation of the website, which generates an extraordinary amount of traffic, about 2.5 GB per day at last count; and (2) acquisition of additional materials of a disturbing nature, for both the website and future CDROM's.

If you are interested in possibly obtaining one of these discs, please let us know. Your name will not be given to anyone for any reason. And you do not have to leave an address: All fields are optional, do not fill out anything you are uncomfortable with.

It is necessary to collect prospective names in advance, so that we can be assured of a reasonable price when minting the CDROM's. We hope for about 250 names eventually.

Your name
Mailing address
Your interests,
comments, etc?
Please select any area that may interest you Tasteless and rotten
Vintage Pornography
Unusual and strange phenomena
Interesting images of a historical nature
A subscription to anything and everything we have

This system is not intended to and will never make a profit. However, with its use of bandwidth, and the cost of acquiring unusual materials, the money has to come from somewhere. This would help us continue to provide our services without ugly banners and whatnot.

Are you willing to consider
giving a little bit of money for web access to a site above and beyond what you see here, with thousands of images online

buying a CDROM of unusual images, of the highest quality and in the finest tradition
Your answers to the above questions do not obligate any purchase, they are just being asked in order to determine interest. We will, however, notify you politely via e-mail or postal mail if and when any CDROM is available.

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