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June 09, 2002

Death by umbrella for poor manners
Japan Today | Submitted by: ian m.
"Police on Saturday arrested a man in Nishio, Aichi Prefecture on suspicion of killing an acquaintance Friday night with an umbrella after an apparent quarrel over manners...The police quoted the unemployed Sakamoto as saying, "I had always held a grudge against Niimi, who is also unemployed, because he used to call my name without using an honorific title."

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Gov. Reagan was much like Nixon
San Francisco Chronicle | Submitted by: ian m.
The San Francisco Chronicle's comprehensive coverage of an incredible story 17 years of legal battles in the making. Using the Freedom of Information Act, the Chronicle has exposed ex-President Ronald Reagan's complicity and assistance in all sorts of shady, underhanded, and fascist dealings, including blacklisting, covert intelligence gathering on "subversive" students, and purposeful career wrecking of liberal thinkers using deliberate lies. All done with the help of our good friends J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI. Thanks, Ronnie.

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Walgreens Oral-B bandit at it again
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | Submitted by: neon
"Broward deputies on Thursday are hunting for a high-end toothbrush thief suspected of targeting Walgreens drug stores...employees said he escaped with three Oral B and two Sonicare electrical toothbrushes valued at $500."

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Ex-con posed as special forces at collapse
Newsday | Submitted by: Hail Otis
"Some emergency workers listened to him for a few days until he disappeared from the site. Authorities said Friday that the man is an ex-convict from Missouri who impersonated an officer to get free food, lodging and a pickup truck."

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Holy city of gay
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | Submitted by: neon
"Under heavy police guard, about 2,500 people marched Friday in the first gay pride parade in this holy city, despite fierce opposition from Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox Jewish leaders...some men wore the skullcaps of devout Jews, while others dressed in tight leather shorts and stiletto heels."

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Child porn purveyors get younger
Boston Globe | Submitted by: Chester
"He had spiky hair, acne, and a boyish face. In fact, he was 19 years old and a student at Northeastern University. Leaning against a railing as he pleaded not guilty, Schellenberger kept both hands on a computer textbook. He studied before his case was called."

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Suicide by train leaves lasting impression
Sacramento Bee | Submitted by: anonymous
"Other people stand defiantly between the rails, look the engineer in the eye, and let the overwhelming physics of an approaching locomotive take care of the rest. Edson said a fellow engineer had an incident in which a woman dressed in her finest clothes, bought a bottle of champagne and raised a glass just as the train hit her. Last month, a Bay Area man tipped his hat to a UP engineer before he was struck."

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Australia wants big time Big Brother
EFF Australia | Submitted by: Soylent
"Proposed changes to the [Australia] Telecommunications Interception Act would give government agencies (not only police forces) powers to intercept and read email, voice mail and SMS messages, without an interception warrant as is presently required... The Government has phrased their proposed changes in a way that appears intended to confuse debate around this issue. They assert the changes merely "clarify" existing law. In fact, the "clarification" will result in wide-ranging expansion of surveillance powers."

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