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May 13, 2002

Israeli Army really giving a shit
Haaretz Daily | Submitted by: mauri
There are numerous stories about Middle East, but one has to wonder how comes that Ariel Sharon is fifth time in row meeting with president Bush when his army back in Israel does such a wonderful things. It has been reporten nowhere in US media (and probably never will), but IDF, the famous Israeli "defense forces" are defending themselves with massive amounts of faeces. Probably that is what they think constitutes "Defensive Shield" when placed in Culture ministery of Palestine Authority. Reporter Amira Hass writes in Ha'aretz.

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Shopkeepers turn informants
CNN | Submitted by: anonymous
The Feds are pressuring Wal-Mart and other stores to monitor purchases of off-the-shelf items that can be used in drug manufacture-- items including cold medicine, nail polish remover, and rubbing alcohol. Anyone who buys "too much" gets reported. Police call it "informing," but it's really a way of gathering evidence that completely avoids those pesky civil rights and privacy laws. Soon you won't be able to buy anything in this police state without giving your social security number.

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Japanese woman's liberation is Death
International Herald Tribune | Submitted by: Son of Benway
"In Japan, where career opportunities for women are few, where divorce can mean a life of hardship and stigma, and where most female names are still formed using a word for child, a womanís independence has always come at a steep price. So five years ago, at 56, Noriko Matsushima opted for freedom in the grave. The longtime homemaker used her private savings to buy a burial plot two hours outside Tokyo where her ashes will be placed separately, rather than, as custom would have it, alongside her spouseís... "I finally got fed up and told my husband to have himself buried alongside his mother, and I bought my own grave. He was really upset, but I had always been looking for something to do on my own, and finally Iíve found it."

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Spanish gov sells syringe candy to UK children
BBC | Submitted by: Crazy Devil
"The sweets come in a packet which show a dribbling cartoon character who has rolling, spaced-out eyes. The tube is full of red liquid which is shaped like a syringe and has to be squeezed to get the contents out."

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Coach tells students to beat up fellow player
KPRC | Submitted by: anonymous
"Two high school students face charges of beating a classmate, allegedly on the orders of their football coach, officials told News2Houston in an exclusive story Wednesday... Prosecutors said that they are investigating allegations that Ernest Hayes, 33, asked two high school football players to beat up a freshman after the freshman reportedly disobeyed and yelled at the coach during a baseball game."

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Cops stymied by Jar Baby
New York Post | Submitted by: questionable
"The home had not been cleaned in a year. Garbage bags covered the windows, Menig said. Pentagrams were drawn on the walls. Police found a skull with cobwebs over it, a pig's head at an altar, human and animal bones, voodoo dolls, a jar full of flesh - and the baby floating inside a jar."

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Japan to outlaw shrooms
BBC | Submitted by: Niekze
Citing hospital visits for overdoses on psychodelic musrooms, from one visit in 1997 to 38 in 2000, Japan has decided to outlaw possession of the fungi starting June 6th. Currently, they can be bought in headshops across Japan. "Drug abuse is on the rise and legalised magic mushrooms aren't helping," says director of Asia-Pacific Addiction Institute, Chikashi Okutsu. Bummer dude.

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Lion Bites Arm Off Florida Zookeeper
myCFnow | Submitted by: Rio
A 350-pound lion bit the arm off of a zookeeper at Busch Gardens in Florida while she was giving her family a private tour of the park, according to Local 6 News. The woman's arm was severed at the elbow. (with video)

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