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May 06, 2002

Greeks reject Hazing offer from sadists
Washington Square News | Submitted by: anonymous
"Many of our members have extensive experience and training with interrogation, intimidation and discipline techniques, and are committed to sharing this knowledge with others," the e-mail read in part. "Our services, which can range from simple consultation to a complete handling of the entire hazing procedure, will be available to other clubs on a subcontracting basis."

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Drunk crematorium staff ate leg with chilli
Tiscali World Online | Submitted by: tasty
Two Cambodian crematorium workers will face charges of cannibalism after getting drunk and allegedly eating the body of a homeless man they were supposed to cremate. They seasoned his drug-poisoned flesh with chilli salt.

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Transient busted for JESUS graffiti spree
St. Petersburg Times | Submitted by: Greenjeans
"A prolific graffiti artist is facing felony charges because he has drawn the name "Jesus" on downtown buildings no less than 122 times, police said... Police said the graffiti artist also drew a series of stylized numbers, 73545, or "Jesus" upside down."

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Harmony: Man raped unconscious woman
Beaver County Times | Submitted by: Greenjeans
"A 26-year-old Butler County man is facing charges today that he raped an unconscious woman at a wedding reception at the Ambridge Country Club on Saturday. Chad Jarvis, who lives at 985 Route 228 in Mars, was arraigned Monday afternoon before Ambridge District Justice Harry Knafelc. He remains in the Beaver County Jail on $100,000 bond."

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Dope-smoking Barrymore gets coshed.
Wire Services | Submitted by: Son of Benway
"Former actor John Barrymore III was beaten in his home by teen-agers trying to steal his marijuana plants, police said. Six teens arrived at the house in a van Wednesday, said police spokesman Jim Bennett. When Barrymore and his wife opened the door, they were beaten with a metal trailer hitch slung in a sock."

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First known Segway crash
Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Submitted by: Jonathan
"The heralded Segway has claimed its first Atlanta victim. A member of the Central Atlanta Progress Ambassador Force toppled from one of the personal scooters on Cone Street near Luckie Street about 8:40 p.m. Thursday."

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Homeless drunk picked up from the street 128 times
San Francisco Chronicle | Submitted by: Shivak
In the last couple of years, 47-year old, self-described habitual drunk Paul Sanchez has racked up 11 felony arrests, 128 charges of public drunkeness, and more than 25 charges of obstructing justice. Upon one arrest, Sanchez's clothing was so soaked in filth that it had to be cut away, and his skin so encrusted that he had to be given a sponge bath while in restraints. Sanchez was given the option of either doing six months in jail or going into a six-month rehab program. Why didn't he go for the program? "They'd be dogging me too much in a program. I'm too old for that..this way, I just do my time and go on my way." It almost goes without saying that this all happened in San Francisco.

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