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April 28, 2002

Lisa Left Eye Lopez death photo
Tiempo | Submitted by: Sandchip
Many people have been asking for a death photo of Left Eye Lopez, killed recently in a Central American sport-utility vehicle accident, and Honduran newspaper Tiempo comes through shining. Resplendent in her fabulous pink monkey outfit, a picture that would never be shown in US newspapers. The article is in Spanish, however.

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McPsycho kept parents on ice
Daily Record | Submitted by: atomic tony tiki
"In a chilling scene, similar to the movie Psycho, it is believed he kept his parents preserved for three years because he could not bear to be parted from them... Last night, a police source said: "The bodies had been expertly embalmed and appeared to have been cared for by their son. "He was a really strange little man but we never suspected anything like this."

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Drug drive-through window shut down by police
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle | Submitted by: J
"Detectives heard for several weeks that people in the rear apartment of the five-unit building had followed the fast-food concept and opened a drug trade business through a back window. Customers simply could ring the buzzer, place an order, and pick up their drugs... Metal bars had been installed on the drive-through window "to keep dissatisfied customers from getting at the goods or the employees," Cecile said."

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Man, now woman, wants to be man again
The Scotsman | Submitted by: Insanewarlock
"The 49-year-old says her experiment with womanhood has failed, largely as a result of the blinkered attitudes of the Ayrshire community where she lives. The former member of the Scots Guards says she has suffered verbal and physical abuse since her sex swap operation almost four years ago, and wishes it could be reversed." It seems that nobody wanted to go out with her.

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Hell's Angels tattoo removed
Aftonbladet | Submitted by: anonymous
A former member of the Hells Angels has his tattoo forcibly removed by other members, with a grinding machine. The article is unfortunately in Swedish, but with picture included.

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Whiny journalist rails on excrement
Guardian | Submitted by: wingnut
"In his Spectator piece he also painted a pretty grim picture of life for British journalists staying at the Bagram airbase. "For days now, several piles of human excrement have stood only yards from the row of poorly erected communal tents where the press doss down," he said. "The excrement results from an only partly successful attempt to empty a row of portable toilets which the US army refers to as porta-potties and I am sure that its enduring presence is in no way intended as a message to the journalists."

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