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April 27, 2002

Man Drinks Dog
Hindustan Times | Submitted by: Bob Scene
The Korean dog meat industry plans to hand out free samples of dog meat juice to foreigners attending the World Cup next month. "They will enjoy it instead of Coke," said Choi Han-Gwon, a leader of a national association of dog meat restaurants. The Koreans clearly have superior restaurants and restaurant associations than we do. Also: Best headline ever.

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Quick eating boy's life ends with slow death
Japan Today | Submitted by: Cannabis Kid
"A 14-year-old junior high school student in Aichi Prefecture died Wednesday three months after he fell into a coma brought on by choking after mimicking a television "quick-eating contest" program, school officials revealed Saturday... He rushed out of the classroom to a nearby sink and tried to vomit but collapsed there. A school nurse removed the food stuck in his throat and he was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, but his heart and lungs had stopped when he arrived."

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Mad caper nets jewels
Providence Journal | Submitted by: Evil Adam
"In a caper with the makings of a Hollywood screenplay, several thieves opened a phony jewelry store in town just long enough to rob two unsuspecting jewelry suppliers on sales calls. The suppliers, who arrived at Mineral Spring Jewelers 15 minutes apart on Thursday, were taken separately into a back room, where they were sprayed with tear gas, hit in the head, tied up and gagged, according to the police."

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More of that really bad pizza, please
New Jersey Online | Submitted by: SeMeN SPeRmS
"Every day for the past five years, with a handful of exceptions, Mike Uris has called the Domino's on Main Street in Ramsey, where he lives, and orders the same thing. Medium pizza, four Diet Cokes. You want to hear the specials, Mr. Uris? No, he'll politely say, I really don't." Do the cheesy math -- in five years, Uris, a retired advertising director, has eaten nearly 2,000 eight-slice pizzas."

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Al Jazeera apparently rotten 24/7
Time | Submitted by: tjd
"Today's grim scenes from the West Bank city of Nablus are quieter, accompanied by imprecise reports of "tens of martyrs." The silently rolling footage reveals corpses in every conceivable state: lying in pools of blood, eyes still open in the frozen glance before death, contorted in stairwells, stacked up on shelves, wrapped in floral blankets, awkwardly fit into body bags with limbs poking out, dumped into trucks, lined up in rows of white bags on a dirt road."

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How hard could this driving thing be
Guardian | Submitted by: anonymous
"The three children drowned when Barker drove his untaxed and uninsured Vauxhall Astra into a disused chalk pit known as the Blue Lagoon lake, in Arlesley, Bedfordshire, while going at up to 30mph with his left foot operating all three pedals and his right dangling out of the car." That leg was "propping open the driver's door that he had opened to cool off."

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The stench from the Bench | Submitted by: Soylent
"Welcome to the fifth annual survey of, for lack of a better term, the stench from the bench. Here are 10 judges and ex-judges who won't be presiding this May 1, Law Day, and whose absence is cause for celebration. Some are on suspension, others have been ousted and a growing number have resigned while under investigation by state conduct bodies."

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