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April 25, 2002

Nevada gets mushroom cloud license plate
Reno Gazette-Journal | Submitted by: Anonymous
"Nevada motorists soon will be able to buy license plates emblazoned with a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion designed by a Douglas County man... Flanking the big blast in the middle of Bibbero’s plate are a logo for atomic energy on one side and Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity formula on the other."

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Sorcery to blame for crocodile attack
News Corporation | Submitted by: mark knipe
"A village in Papua New Guinea was blaming sorcery by its neighbours for a crocodile attack which killed a young boy. PNG newspaper The National today reported that the superstitious villagers were even contemplating a "full scale attack" on the neighbouring village, both of which lie along the crocodile-infested Ope River in the country's north.

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Pickax murderer loses no sleep
New York Post | Submitted by: Gknow Body
Followup to yesterday's post: "Cops say the 21-year-old killer who buried a pickax in his boss' skull slept so soundly after the grisly slaying he missed his plane to Finland, and freedom. Deep-sleeping Oskar Racins of Brighton Beach planned to be on the 5:55 a.m. flight to Helsinki on Tuesday morning to join his girlfriend in their native Latvia."

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Prisoner wants death by a thousand cuts
Guardian | Submitted by: cat
"He told Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, president of the family division, that he had been mutilating his right leg for five months, hoping it would turn septic. Speaking via a video link to the hearing in central London, the prisoner, who is in agony from his wounds, said: "I am poisoning my leg so that the blood poisoning transfers through my body and hopefully kills me."

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Buzzards eat shit to get laid
Nature | Submitted by: akronl
"The yellower the better" a researcher says. "This faeces-fuelled face ornamentation may impress potential mates, as it signals that the bird is strong enough to withstand the infection risks associated with eating excrement." Note that this is the only reason we could think of in which it's acceptable to eat your own poo, so stop already.

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Fidel Castro's sanity questioned
NewsMax | Submitted by: Incubus
An "urgent" summons on Monday for Castro's "a major announcement": "He took out a thick notebook. He began to read. About the Mexican foreign minister. About Mexican President Vicente Fox's bedtime. About how he does not like flying on a full stomach. About an escalator ride he took. About eating goat."

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Punch the Tard
Nova Scotia CBC | Submitted by: Halifax
An elementary school teacher in Digby, Nova Scotia has been removed from the classroom amid allegations she had members of her third-grade class hit a classmate who was mute and suffered from Down's syndrome. This was supposed to be a form of aversion therapy: apparently the child would hit others. The teacher or her aide would hold the child down and have her classmates hit her in return.

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Cannabis and Vodka in a bottle
BBC | Submitted by: ScislaC
"A Nottinghamshire company claims it's won a year long battle with the Home Office to import a new vodka drink containing cannabis seeds... Tests have already been carried out overseas which showed the drink contained traces of the psychoactive element in marijuana." First link to story, second link [Flash required] to manufacturing company.

Read article... and This article...

Whaleburgers, whale hot dogs
Wire Services | Submitted by: ScislaC
"Featuring whale meat in a barbecue-like sauce between two slabs of pressed rice instead of bread, the Whale Rice Burger retails for 300 yen ($2.30) compared with 85 yen for a McDonald's hamburger. At lunch on Thursday, a line stretched back from the take-away window where owner Yoshiaki Nakagawa was doing brisk business in whaleburgers, a fried whale cutlet sandwich and a whale hot dog."

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