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April 23, 2002

Human hand leads to body in newspaper pile
myCFnow | Submitted by: Rio
"The discovery of a human hand sticking out of a mountain of newspapers at a Marion County, Fla., recycling facility led investigators to a buried body, according to Local 6 News. "It's pretty gruesome," a worker said. "A terrible thing. Our prayers are for the man in the stack." With video.

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Linda Lovelace dead
Tiscali World Online | Submitted by: W. Burgess
"Linda Boreman, who starred as Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat, the pornographic hit of 1972, and later became an anti-porn advocate, has died from injuries she suffered in a car crash. Boreman was taken to Denver Health Medical Center with massive trauma and internal injuries." Lovelace made $1250 for the cocksuckery that made her famous, and claimed her husband forced her to "act" at gunpoint. After she became an antipornography advocate, the world sort of lost interest in her. Or maybe it was the other way around.

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Steamroller kills 10 in Russia | Submitted by: KC
"At least 10 people died today when a steamroller tumbled off a truck and crashed onto a passenger bus in central Russia, emergency workers said... A Kamaz truck carrying the steam roller was trying to pass the bus when the roller tipped over and fell onto the vehicle."

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Canadian kids win fat race
Halifax Chronicle-Herald | Submitted by: Avigon
It seems the data is a bit skewed, but could it be that American kids are no longer the fattest in the world? Could it be that Canada's desire to out-do the US in all things has finally caught up with them? Or is it just that there are more TiVo's up North.

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Five year old drug smuggler
Wire Services | Submitted by: hornet
"Sending a five-year-old girl alone on a plane to smuggle heroin represents a new low, even for drug traffickers. This case demonstrates the depths to which trafficking organisations have sunk to ply their deadly trade." The girl was caught because she actually tried to smuggle too much heroin.

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Cross country beating
Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin | Submitted by: Jeremy
"A plea for help scrawled on a bathroom wall in Tennessee led to the arrest of a truck driver at a rest stop in Georgia, where police found a woman who said she had been beaten and held against her will for a year. Katina L. Shaddix, 24, told police she left more than 100 messages in restrooms all over the country."

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Killer tells of decapitation
News 24 South Africa | Submitted by: Wabbleflap
"He sawed on the neck for 10 to 20 minutes. It was difficult," said a convicted murderer in the Cape Town High Court in the trial of two men accused of the murder - by decapitation - of a disabled man.

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USA funneled arms through Islamic radicals
Guardian | Submitted by: ezzer
You won't see this widely reported in the US, it's far too damaging: "The official Dutch inquiry into the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, released last week, contains one of the most sensational reports on western intelligence ever published... The result was a vast secret conduit of weapons smuggling though Croatia. This was arranged by the clandestine agencies of the US, Turkey and Iran, together with a range of radical Islamist groups, including Afghan mojahedin and the pro-Iranian Hizbullah."

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