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April 22, 2002

Sacked woman filled strip club with tuna | Submitted by: KC
"A Canadian woman filled a strip club with tuna after being fired from it. She reportedly swore revenge after being sacked from Fanny's Cabaret in Ottawa. The unnamed woman left bags full of the fish on tables, chairs, next to walls and in coat and champagne rooms." Umm, aren't strip clubs by their very nature filled with, uhh, "tuna"?

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Human remains found inside shark
nineMSN | Submitted by: wtsydney
Human body parts have been discovered in an 800 pound tiger shark caught off the New South Wales central coast. Four men were fishing off the continental shelf 26 nautical miles from Blacksmiths, off Lake Macquarie, on Sunday when they caught the shark. After the shark was gutted, inside they discovered human remains, including a skull, arm and pelvis.

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Is he or isn't she? That is the question...
Observer | Submitted by: Ann Onymous
Fresh light has been thrown on William Shakespeare's sexual orientation by the discovery of a previously unknown portrait of the playwright's patron, Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton - apparently dressed as a woman. Believed to be the 'fair youth' to whom Shakespeare's early sonnets are addressed, Southampton is wearing lipstick, rouge and an elaborate double earring. His long hair hangs down in voguish feminine tresses and his hand lies on his heart in a rather camp gesture.

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Dad bites son's thumb off in PCP rage
Arizona Republic | Submitted by: [_|_]
"A Maricopa County man was taken to a hospital Saturday night to have his stomach pumped after telling police he bit off and swallowed the thumb of his 2-year-old son. "When we put the dad in custody and start talking to him, he tells us that he bit his son's thumb and swallowed it". Apparently PCP was involved, daddy is now in custody.

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Really Bad Tom Cruise Movie Could Be Real
Independent | Submitted by: Johnny
Does this scare anybody as much as it scares me? "Computers and CCTV cameras could be used to predict and prevent crime before it happens. Scientists at Kingston University in London have developed software able to anticipate if someone is about to mug an old lady or plant a bomb at an airport."

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Nazi's euthenasia children buried
BBC | Submitted by: Ogrish
"Instead of being buried, many of the body parts were kept and stored for decades in formaldehyde in dusty glass jars in the cellar of the hospital in the private archive of one of the doctors accused of carrying out the killings, the Nazi doctor Heinrich Gross."

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Man killed in fight over slumber party
Augusta Chronicle | Submitted by: sh1t4br8ns
"A feud over a slumber party guest turned deadly Sunday when an Augusta man was shot and killed at Summerville Apartments, police said... After name calling, Mr. Owens left. He returned minutes later with a .380-caliber handgun, police said. Ms. Brown told police she answered a knock at the door, heard a gunshot come through the door and then saw Mr. Owens walk in and fire directly at Mr. Campbell."

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Lady golfer wins pleasure trophy
Wire services | Submitted by: phlip
I'm getting a subliminal boner now.

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