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April 04, 2002

Mah daddy shot Martin Luther King
Gainesville Sun | Submitted by: f00f
"My dad and (a co-conspirator) believed Dr. King was a communist and was trying to cause an uprising and would damage the country, and that's why they wanted King (dead)," said Wilson, pastor of a non-denominational church near Brooker. "It wasn't a racist thing at all. My dad said even if King was white, they would have done it because of the communist affiliation."

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Sheriff, sued over records, gets bigger shredder
Cleveland Plain Dealer | Submitted by: Jesus H. Christ
"The Portage County sheriff, who is facing a lawsuit for allegedly destroying public records, wants to purchase a high-volume, heavy-duty shredder. Carolyn Ciganik, an employee of the Sheriff's Department, recently won a $125,000 settlement of a federal sex discrimination suit for being denied a promotion to sergeant."

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Flasher caught in own zipper
Virginian-Pilot | Submitted by: Klaw
"A 12-year-old girl confronted by a flasher in an elevator Monday night reacted quickly: She grabbed his zipper and yanked it up... Because he suffered blood loss, the man probably suffered injuries significant enough for him to seek medical treatment, Carey said. Investigators have been checking for him at area hospitals."

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Top DUI issuer traded sex for ticket
Washington Post | Submitted by: Soylent
"Because she is [drinking] underage, there still would have been a drinking and driving violation. Officials said the woman sought a way out of the ticket, and Carter took her to his realty offices in Manassas while still on duty. [THEN HE FUCKED HER.] Carter later took the woman home, and the next day, took her to a local towing lot to get her car back, giving her more than $100 in cash for the tow, authorities said." So very romantic.

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Fetus in office wastebasket
San Francisco Chronicle | Submitted by: anonymous
"The fetus was found by a janitor around 8:30 p.m. Monday in a women's rest room on the 16th floor of 1 Maritime Plaza, a 25-story building near the corner of Clay and Front streets across from the Embarcadero Center complex [San Franscisco]. It was wrapped in a plastic bag and found in a trash can used for hand towels, police said."

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Early puberty linked to shampoo
New Scientist | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
Half of America's black girls reach puberty at age eight. (That's second grade.) At that age, only 15% of white girls begin developing. Why the difference? It might be the result of haircare products containing estrogen and marketed primarily to the African-American community. Even a toddler aged 14 months -- MONTHS -- went into puberty shortly after using one of these products. (The incipient breasts and pubic hair disappeared after discontinued use of the shampoo.)

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Fear and Loathing in Harris County
Texas Observer | Submitted by: Squid
The best thing about this article is the quote, "In my first viewing of the video, I didn’t see outstanding examples of excessive use of force on the tape–and I still feel that way" shown right next to the autopsy pictures of someone who's obviously been beaten to quite the pulp. The second best thing is the quote from the Mexican Consulate press attache, "He wasn’t even an illegal."

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Study finds marrying kin OK
New York Times | Submitted by: PS
A study has found that marrying even your first cousin carries an acceptable level of genetic risk, in fact much less risk than many other groups who are permitted to marry. The study also surveyed those most tempted to marry their kin, namely Kentucky. "Estimates of marriages between related people, which include first cousins and more distant ones, range from less than 0.1 percent of the general population to 1.5 percent. In the past, small studies have found much higher rates in some areas: a survey in 1942 found 18.7 percent in a small town in Kentucky, and a 1980 study found 33 percent in a Mennonite community in Kansas." [New York Times article, free subscription required.]

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