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April 02, 2002

Vampire Rapist suicides
WKMG | Submitted by: Rio
"The Vampire Rapist, who got his nickname because he drank the blood of a kidnapped hitchhiker, killed himself in his prison cell, according to officials. Crutchley drained nearly half of his victim's blood with a syringe and drank some before she escaped his home in Malabar, 60 miles southeast of Orlando, according to reports."

Read article... and This article...

Hide your ex in the crawlspace
Denver Post | Submitted by: Covix
"A woman reported missing in January was found alive by police Friday night in the crawl space of her boyfriend's home, ending a convoluted kidnapping scenario." There's two great pictures in the article, one of the shiny suspect William Gorman's forehead, and another of the secret passage behind a bookcase. Of course Gorman claims total innocence, but this doesn't explain why a secret passage was necessary.

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Show us your tits, or else
NPPA | Submitted by: Soylent
What picture won the "NPPA Best of Photojournalism" photo contest? "A woman struggles to free herself as she is stripped of her clothes and sexually abused by an out-of-control crowd as Mardi Gras celebrations turned violent in Seattle's Pioneer Square District." So instead of ending up in a private show us your tits drool album, the whole word gets to see this. And the NPPA gets to struggle with the ethics of it all.

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KKK claims discrimination
Dayton Daily News | Submitted by: Idle Hands
"The Ku Klux Klan is claiming discrimination because bricks bearing its name won't line the way to the Heritage Center of Clark County...People can buy a brick engraved with their name or the name of a loved one for $100... 'We were then told that they could not make anymore bricks for our order because we were the Ku Klux Klan!" the letter states. "They returned our check with a letter stating that they have decided not to except our business! We feel that this is nothing but discrimination against a legal White Christian fraternity!"

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Student beaten with his own crutch
Seattle Times | Submitted by: JoJo Thundermunkey
"Machak's family spent much of yesterday at his bedside at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, where the school athlete is recovering from a fractured skull, brain bruises and slight paralysis on his right side. Already hobbled by a broken left foot suffered two weeks ago while snowboarding, Machak was beaten up with his own crutch Saturday night outside the QFC supermarket near Peter Kirk Park in Kirkland."

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Man dies a woman, after operation
Tiscali World Online | Submitted by: Lou
"A 35-year-old Japanese man has died several hours after undergoing a sex-change operation. Now a charge of malpractice is being investigated... The cause of his death was not clarified, though an autopsy performed by police confirmed fluid had accumulated in his [her] lungs. The hospital reported the man's [woman's] death to the police, suspecting malpractice at the clinic, the report said."

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City to re-enact Jap internment
San Jose Mercury News | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
This is the 60th anniversary of the wartime internment of Japanese-Americans. (In case you need gift ideas, 60 is the diamond anniversary.) To get into the spirit, the town of Pajaro Valley, CA plans to stage a one-day re-enactment of the affair. 1,100 locals will report to a local Veterans Memorial Hall, get numbered, board a 1940's-era Greyhound bus, and then arrive in a fenced compound surrounded by uniformed guards. During the war, the Pajaro Valley citizenry wired 15,000 telegrams to Congress requesting that the government ship all the detainees to Japan. The re-enactment should be a real barrel of laughs.

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Tracking down the sign polluters
Cockeyed | Submitted by: Soylent
Some fine homegrown journalism as a man tries to track down who is putting up those eyesore "WORK AT HOME" signs. It turns out the culprits are largely associated with Herbalife (NASDAQ:HERBA), a MLM scam based around the marketing of ephedrine based diet pills. By "scam" we mean it's practically impossible for anyone to actually make decent money selling them; the market for such pills is totally saturated. Several days ago, Herbalife issued a directive that such signs are prohibited, but it's unlikely that will put a stop to this.

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