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March 31, 2002

Glow in the dark bunny
Eduardo Kac | Submitted by: Soylent
Mad science for Easter Sunday: "Alba, the green fluorescent bunny, is an albino rabbit. This means that, since she has no skin pigment, under ordinary environmental conditions she is completely white with pink eyes. Alba is not green all the time. She only glows when illuminated with the correct light. When (and only when) illuminated with blue light (maximum excitation at 488 nm), she glows with a bright green light (maximum emission at 509 nm). She was created with EGFP, an enhanced version (i.e., a synthetic mutation) of the original wild-type green fluorescent gene found in the jellyfish Aequorea Victoria. EGFP gives about two orders of magnitude greater fluorescence in mammalian cells (including human cells) than the original jellyfish gene."

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Porn upsets Palestinians
Agence France Presse | Submitted by: Klopstan
"Porn movies and programs in Hebrew are being broadcast by Israeli troops who have taken over three Palestinian television stations of Ramallah, irate residents of the besieged West Bank town have told AFP... The soldiers started broadcasting the porn clips, considered extremely offensive by most Muslims, intermittently this afternoon from the Al-Watan, Ammwaj, and Al-Sharaq channels, the residents said."

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Okay no wild parties while we're gone
New York Post | Submitted by: Wingnut
"He offloaded nearly $250,000 of his parents' goods, including a Mercedes sedan and a pickup truck, a Remington sculpture, antiques, a sit-down lawnmower, furniture and other items to neighbors, according to Fairfield police... Keeney told The Post he would have gone to trial if he had his preference because he felt that O'Keefe's parents' testimony would have shed some light on why Allan turned their home into a blue-light special."

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Intolerant Christians threatening band | Submitted by: Stoopid
"The band has always expected their music to stir up some controversy. Song titles such as The Bible Is Bullshit, Jesus Christ Homosexual and Drug Dealing God are bound to rub some people the wrong way and the band has been receiving nasty letters for years. But now the hate-mail has morphed into something more vicious and the painted-faced rockers are receiving anywhere from 10-20 death-threats a week."

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Stripper-Mayor facing recall
Associated Press | Submitted by: Soylent
"Mayor Koleen Brooks no longer has keys to the town hall. She's been investigated for ordering a hit on a police officer, accused of flashing her breasts in a bar and faces criminal charges for allegedly making up a story about being assaulted. Now, the former stripper-turned-mayor is the target of a recall vote, just halfway through her first term."

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