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March 28, 2002

Bus driver call cops on candybar eater
Kenai Peninsula Online | Submitted by: JoJo Thundermunkey
Maybe it was because she didn't bring enough for everyone. "A Juneau city bus driver called police after he told a woman to stop eating a candy bar, but instead she popped two more bites into her mouth and then refused to get off the bus. The bus driver, whose name was not released, was described by his supervisor as being a 'by-the-book' kind of guy."

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Dirty Bombs for Peace
Washington Post | Submitted by: Gutter Juice
The Energy Department is now reporting that "small" amounts of radioactive material that was shipped to our allies (Iran, Vietnam, and other countries to promote Atoms for Peace) is missing. Is it enough to make a big one? Not to worry, claim the big-nit-wits who say only a few thousand can be killed by a dirty nuke.

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Cross dressing car thief
WTVC | Submitted by: SansGod
"Police in three states are searching for a cross-dressing robber and car thief. The thief has hit four used car lots in North Georgia and Alabama. Police say the crook dresses like a woman, then asks to take a test drive and never returns." Is he/she hot, though?

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Severed leg found 700 miles from accident
Chicago Tribune | Submitted by: CrackerJack
"A human leg found in Harvey has been identified as that of a man who was killed with his wife in a train-vehicle collision about 700 miles to the south, in Mississippi, authorities said. A boot recovered with the leg in Harvey Illinois matched that of a boot found on the manís body in Mississippi." Is there even enough "CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS" tape for something like this?

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Student suspended because coat smells like pot
CBC | Submitted by: Indego
"An Ottawa-area high school suspended a student on Tuesday because his jacket smelled like pot. Chris Laurin, 15, was sent home and told not to come back to St. Matthew Catholic High School in Orleans for two days after a police dog zeroed in on his winter coat... Police and school officials ordered the boy's pockets emptied and searched his locker. They found nothing, but the principal decided to suspend him anyway under the board's safe schools policy."

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Boy went on whiskey binge
Denver Post | Submitted by: Ryano
"The [11 year old] boy's blood-alcohol content was 0.32 percent when he was tested at the hospital, or more than three times the legal threshold for drunken driving... "I've seen an awful lot of drunk kids," said Guy Bull, an Aurora firefighter and paramedic who opened the boy's airway. "But that kid at that age was the drunkest I've seen in my life. That was out of control."

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Lyle Lovett trampled by bull
CNN | Submitted by: DM
"Grammy-winning singer Lyle Lovett was in good condition Wednesday after being trampled by a bull, a hospital spokeswoman said... "It's a bad injury," Dr. Kevin Coupe, who performed the surgery, told the Chronicle. Twenty pieces of bone were broken in his leg, he told the paper. Lovett may remain in the hospital for three days and a full recovery may take at least six months, he said."

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