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March 23, 2002

Football players engage in oral studies
Associated Press | Submitted by: Mattman78
"Two DeRidder High School football players are accused of having oral sex with a 14-year-old girl during biology class, police said. A teacher and about 30 students were in the class at the time, DeRidder police Lt. Kenneth Pine said. He would not say how many saw the alleged sex act." Or where to buy the videotapes.

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Followup on Israeli spying in US
Creative Loafing | Submitted by: Nicholas
"A major international espionage saga is unfolding across the United States, with some of its roots right here in the Atlanta area. It's been pretty hush-hush so far, largely because the implications could be a major embarrassment for the government. A source familiar with the creation of the document [causing this stir] has told CL that the 60-page memo was a draft intended as the base for a 250-page report. The larger report has not been produced because of the volatile nature of suggesting that Israel spies on America's deepest secrets." Daily Rotten has been covering this story since December.

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Round up all the negroes
Stars and Stripes | Submitted by: Anonymous
"An assembly [at Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan] that school officials here say started out with good intentions has led to accusations of racism and civil rights violations, and threats of litigation... Outraged parents say calling only black students sends a message that all of the school's problems can be attributed to one group."

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Is US Government lying about war casualties?
Boston Phoenix | Submitted by: Grainger
"A charred tin of Copenhagen chewing tobacco, an empty pack of American Marlboro cigarettes, American Special Forces unconventional-warfare manuals, and even a Garth Brooks CD all paint a portrait of the truck’s probable occupants at the time of the attack. Can there be any doubt that the ambushed group were Americans?"

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Sarah Brady likely violated gun laws
New York Daily News | Submitted by: Spade
Sarah Brady, the anti-gun nut and champion of restrictive gun laws may have violated the gun laws of the State of Deleware. Mrs. Brady bought her son a .30-06 rifle with a scope, what Mrs. Brady in one of her speeches would call a high powered sniper rifle. Brady underwent a Deleware background check, but did not inform the dealer she was buying a rifle for somebody else, which is illegal in Deleware. Mmmmm... hypocrisy tastes like chicken.

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