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March 20, 2002

Google censoring Scientology critics
Rotten | Submitted by: Soylent
The search engine Google is censoring the Internet's leading critic of the Church of Scientology, Operation Clambake. The site has been completely removed from the search engine and from the Google Directory, which uses data from the Open Directory Project, DMOZ.

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Virgin fined $100K over pottymouth radio
Independent | Submitted by: Squidly
"Just before midnight on 18 January, on Jon Holmes's [not the dead porn star] late-night show, the child was competing in a game that asked callers to guess the letters of an obscene phrase. The girl was prompted to say it and repeat it three times in what the Radio Authority esterday called a "highly offensive" and "totally unacceptable" programme that would be "inappropriate even in the context of adult alternative comedy".

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Fetus found in high school toilet
WAVY TV | Submitted by: Lauren
"The infant was discovered by a custodian Friday afternoon in a toilet in a girls' bathroom at First Colonial High School. Police said the custodian saw a girl leaving the bathroom shortly before the body was found, but he couldn't identify her." Improper disposal of stillborn detritus seems to be a recurring problem in that area: "On Feb. 21, authorities found an infant stuffed inside a trash bag in a mobile home in Chesapeake. The mother, Courtney Jo Dukes, claimed the baby was stillborn."

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Schoolyard terror lingo
Washington Post | Submitted by: Jube
Weapons-grade slang has infiltrated some schools to the point of annoyance. "Their bedrooms are ground zero. Translation? A total mess. A mean teacher? He's such a terrorist. A student is disciplined? It was total jihad. Petty concerns? That's so September 10. And out of style clothes: Is that a burqa?"

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Spain has its own 'Georgia crematory' scandal now
London Telegraph | Submitted by: Ross
"Spanish authorities found 20 corpses, some of them dating back 10 years, in the yard of a funeral home employee after coming across bags of body parts in the trunk of his car, police said. The 40-year-old suspect, identified only by the initials E F B, was arrested yesterday by Civil Guards in the town of Ardales, about 400 kilometres south of Madrid."

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Zero Tolerance is bad, mmmkay
Dallas Ft Worth Star-Telegram | Submitted by: kozubik
A student expelled because of insane Zero Tolerance policies: "The teen's story began on a Sunday afternoon with him and his father packing linens, books and kitchenware that had belonged to his ailing grandmother. At sunset, Hess and his father delivered a truckload of boxes to Goodwill Super Store in Hurst. The next morning at school, Hess was removed from class. A school security guard had seen a nonserrated bread knife with a 10-inch blade in the bed of the teen's pickup. It must have fallen out of one of the Goodwill boxes, Hess explained."

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Cat lady as serial offender
Associated Press | Submitted by: Anonymous
"Barletta lives in San Francisco but bought the two-story Petaluma house solely for the cats, driving from her San Francisco home to Petaluma daily to feed the animals, though the house soon fell into disrepair with cat feces and warped floors."

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NY Post fires reporter critical of Disney
Village Voice | Submitted by: PANTS
"The offending stories dealt with a breach-of-contract lawsuit filed against Disney in 1991 by Stephen Slesinger Inc., a company that owns merchandising rights to Winnie the Pooh and claims it has been cheated out of millions in royalty payments. The news hook was the January 18 disclosure of court documents revealing that a judge fined Disney $90,000 last year for destroying documents that might or might not have been relevant to the case. The disclosure resulted in a spate of bad publicity in the days following."

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