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March 14, 2002

Shitting in the buffet table at the Oscars
E! | Submitted by: portalnet
"Los Angeles County health officials have figured out the source of those freak illnesses that hit the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scientific and Technical Awards last Saturday. And it ain't pretty... Public health director Jonathan Fielding told the Reporter the Norwalk virus usually spreads through food contaminated with feces or vomit."

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Fuckers desecrate Australian state parliament
The Australian | Submitted by: Jon
"The Opposition is outraged and the Chief Minister is talking in grave tones after it was revealed a couple had sex in the speaker's chair in the Northern Territory's parliamentary chamber... Ms Carter called the act a 'desecration at the high altar of our democracy'. Not to mention 'pretty gross'. She said she had asked the cleaners to make sure they gave the table a good polish and paid attention to the chair."

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UK panel finds reefer mostly safe
This is London | Submitted by: Pete
What everyone knew all along: "Scientists today cleared the way for a softening of the law on cannabis, declaring that the drug is not associated with major health problems for the individual or society. [Don't tell John Ashcroft]. The Government's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs found that while cannabis smokers can become dependent, the drug is not as addictive as tobacco or alcohol."

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Twenty die in giant septic tank
SIPA/Worldonline | Submitted by: Kara
"At least 20 potential army recruits are believed to have been killed after they fell into a large septic tank in India. The surivors then went on a rampage... 'A large number were standing on the cover of the tank, when it suddenly gave way and they plunged through', [Superintendent] Pande said, adding that the accident sparked panic."

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Feminists for porno
San Francisco Examiner | Submitted by: Sweet P
"While a handful of anti-porn protesters did turn out for the [Flynt] event, they were met by something they didn't expect: women who wanted it... Some of the biggest feminists in America today are straight-up about their love for porn. And our very own Bay Area sexual intellectuals are forging a refreshed sexual agenda with the belief that nakedness is good and the anti porn feminists of yesteryear are just plain passe."

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Swaziland wants to reopen sex shops
BBC | Submitted by: anonymous
Restricting men's access to pornography causes rape, Swaziland has learned. The Parliament of the country is asking for sex shops to be reopened, to prevent the spread of AIDS and reduce the crime of violent rape. The capital city's one sex shop was closed last year having the paradoxic effect of exacerbating the rampant AIDS problem in the country. Of a population of 1.1 million, an estimated 250,000 of them have the disease.

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