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March 12, 2002

Britney pelted with buckets of urine
Sky News | Submitted by: Soylent
"Pop queen Britney Spears fled for cover after having urine thrown at her as she filmed a TV ad. The star was bombed with buckets of urine by angry neighbours as she sang on location in the early hours of the morning, according to the News of the World. Residents staged their protest at around 4am in downtown Los Angeles, hurling bucket-loads at the 21-year-old singer as she performed in the street below."

Read article... and This article...

Connie Francis sues over dicksucking porno
Associated Press | Submitted by: Pete
The suit said the mentally ill performer learned more than a year ago of the use of four of her songs in a "vile pornographic motion picture entitled Postcards From America", a movie whose soundtrack was released in 1995. It said a second film entitled Jawbreakers, released in 1999, included her song "Lollipop Lips," synchronized to an oral sex scene. Awww Yeah.

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Man storing cyanide in Chicago underground El
myCFnow | Submitted by: Rio
"Police said a juvenile who was arrested with Konopka told them about the underground stash of cyanide, and they found it in a storage room underneath the Blue Line of the "El" train, under the Dearborn stop, between Washington and Monroe. Police said Konopka is a burglar by trade and had locked the cyanide in the room, changing the locks on the door so that nobody else could enter. Law enforcement authorities said that after Konopka's arrest, they scoured the Chicago Underground Transit system, checking the locks of a thousand doors and storage rooms, and nothing else was found."

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Disney crime spree
WKMG | Submitted by: Rio
"Four Disney tourists and a Downtown Disney worker were kidnapped at gunpoint early Tuesday and driven around Orlando after being robbed, according to Local 6 News... Authorities said a second, possibly related, incident happened shortly after the Disney worker was abducted. Four tourists were confronted by a gunman as they left Disney's Pleasure Island complex."

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Giving the United States a make-over
Los Angeles Times | Submitted by: yesguy
The White House has hired a Madison Avenue ad agency to help bolster America's international image. "The appointment of an ad woman to this post understandably raised some criticism, but Secretary of State Colin L. Powell shrugged it off. 'There is nothing wrong with getting somebody who knows how to sell something. We are selling a product. We need someone who can re-brand American foreign policy, re-brand diplomacy.' Besides, he said, 'She got me to buy Uncle Ben's rice.'" Fantastic.

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Busybody wants to ban potato guns
Copley News Service | Submitted by: Joe Citizen
Lawmakers in Sacramento are alarmed at a subculture around the construction of potato guns, essentially tubes which shoot... potatoes. Never mind that accidents involving potato guns are extremely rare, and that these people aren't bothering anybody. Potato guns promote gun culture and therefore are evil and must be banned. A proposal calls for a fifteen year prison term for merely possessing the relatively harmless devices.

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Andrew WK album to be censored
NME | Submitted by: Nailed
"Andrew WK has been carpeted by the Advertising Standards Authority for having a face that would frighten children and "vulnerable people." The ASA condemned the pomp-rocker after it received complaints about adverts for his debut album, 'I Get Wet'. The offending ads carried the cover of the album which features an extreme close-up of WK with blood pouring from his nose down over his mouth and chin." Includes photo.

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