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March 11, 2002

Whitey begins to pay
Greeley Tribune | Submitted by: Max
"Led by Solomon Little Owl, director of Native American Student Services at UNC, the team chose a white man as its mascot to raise awareness and understanding of stereotypes that some cultures endure... The players, made up of a mixture of American Indian, Hispanic and caucasian students, wear white jerseys with the picture of a white man in a suit on the front and the slogan 'Every thang’s gonna be all white!' printed beneath."

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Water polo boy left nude in hotel
London Telegraph | Submitted by: Ross
"The national water polo association is investigating an incident in which one of the younger members of a state under-20s squad was stripped naked, bound with tape and assaulted by team-mates at the sport's national championships in Adelaide. South Australian Director of Public Prosecutions Paul Rofe QC has recommended charges against several players for assault and indecent assault on the teenager, who was severely traumatised by the incident last April and has left his home state."

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Bin Laden wanted soccer players whacked
Football 365 | Submitted by: Gareth Winchester
"Osama Bin Laden plotted to murder England stars including David Beckham and Michael Owen DURING a World Cup match according to an amazing report published on Sunday... Algerian terrorists were to attack during England's opening game of the France 98 finals against Tunisia in Marseille, shooting skipper Alan Shearer and blowing up keeper David Seaman and the dugout, containing manager Glenn Hoddle and substitutes Beckham and Owen, with hand grenades."

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Politician attacks tampon tax
Canadian Broadcasting | Submitted by: Zonkey
"An Ontario MPP is calling on the federal government to get rid of the GST on feminine hygiene products. Marilyn Churley says the average women spends about $350 in her lifetime in taxes on items like tampons, sanitary pads, menstrual sponges and cups. "Government has no business taxing women for being women. We want to end the gender tax on womanhood."

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Take your colon out for holiday
Guardian | Submitted by: Soylent
"Margaret's chopsticks had unearthed some gristle, about a foot long, and hard, black pellets. She was so impressed she took a photograph. A few chalets away, Mez had passed "rubbery brown, fat worms" with a strange purple glaze, which she insisted on showing to me in her bathroom. But the clear winner was Anthony's 22-year-old marble. Perhaps the most bizarre thing, which didn't appreciate until days later, is that it all seemed perfectly normal at the time." [If you visit here, please, for the love of god, please send your "vacation" photos to Rate My Poo. Thank you for your support.]

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Spot the Boeing
Asile Utopique | Submitted by: numerous
Many people have been sending us this link for a while, so probably it deserves attention and/or amusement: "As everyone knows, on 11 September, less than an hour after the attack on the World Trade Centre, an airplane collided with the Pentagon. The Associated Press first reported that a booby-trapped truck had caused the explosion. The Pentagon quickly denied this. The official US government version of events still holds."

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