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March 10, 2002

Drivers license photos used in criminal lineups
Denver Post | Submitted by: Soylent
Colorado has been mining their driver's license database for use in electronic criminal lineups, to place the photo of a suspect among people with similar characteristics for witnesses to identify. It seems harmless enough until a witness mistakenly picks the wrong photo-- you, and police contact your employer asking what your alibi is.

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Cambodia skull map dismantled
Associated Press | Submitted by: EvilEddie
"Buddhist monks chanted and prayed Sunday for the souls of some 300 Khmer Rouge victims whose remains became part of a map of Cambodia made of human skulls and displayed publicly since 1979 as a testament to the regime's brutality. The map, held together by wire, was taken apart after the Buddhist ceremony and the human remains placed in a wooden case enclosed by glass."

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Target overpopulation with biochemical war
The Age | Submitted by: Vesney
"World-famous microbiologist Sir Macfarlane Burnet, the Nobel prize winner revered as Australia's greatest medical research scientist, secretly urged the government to develop biological weapons for use against Indonesia and other "overpopulated" countries of South-East Asia. The revelation is contained in top-secret files declassified by the National Archives of Australia, despite resistance from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade."

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Porn czarina to attack bestial kinderporn
Deseret News | Submitted by: Wonder Bukkake Woman
"Fresh off the 2002 legislative session where lawmakers forced Attorney General Mark Shurtleff to fund the porn czar out of his own budget, the attorney general said he's eager to debunk Houston's image as a Pollyanna peeking into mailboxes, snatching up the latest Victoria's Secret catalogs lest they fall into the hands of unsuspecting teenage boys." That alone might is too boring to warrant a Dailyrotten. But then the AG's office said something rather odd: "The majority of the complaints Paula has been getting lately have been with bestiality involving children." Has someone been stuffing the ballot box?

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How many points are Chinee?
NZ Stuff | Submitted by: Jedda
"Ms Gao was killed instantly as she crossed Clyde Rd, Christchurch, on December 9, the car having accelerated to about 200kmh in a 50kmh area. In submissions before sentencing, crown counsel James Rapley said van der Wielen had made negative comments about Asians in an interview with police. They included a statement that 'if Asians were not in the country the accident would not have happened'.

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Why didn't anyone tell Hillary?
World Net Daily | Submitted by: error
"According to this week's Time magazine, 'a mercurial agent code-named dragonfire' told his handlers last October that terrorists had somehow acquired a low-yield (10 kiloton) Russian nuke. Furthermore, "dragonfire" claimed that the terrorists planned to smuggle it into New York City and detonate it. Hillary Clinton has just found out about it, and she's furious."

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Teachers allegedly tried to hire students to beat girl
Lowcountry Now | Submitted by: Geoff
"Two teachers were arrested Thursday after allegedly trying to hire students to beat up a classmate at Beaufort High School... According to a source close to the investigation, the [teacher-] sisters were angry because [one of the teacher's] adult boyfriend was allegedly having a relationship with a female student."

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