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March 08, 2002

Sock Bandit apprehended
Washington Post | Submitted by: allism
"Police said Derrick A. Cobb, 25, has on several occasions approached girls, usually between 12 and 14 years old, and told them that he was taking a survey. He would ask them what brands of socks and shoes they prefer and would persuade them to take off their socks. When they did so, police said, he would take the socks and flee."

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What are you doing with all the blood?
KSNW | Submitted by: sqrfruit
"Just days before a Newton supermarket pharmacist is to face a judge to answer charges that he drew blood from people for a bogus study, investigators still have no idea what he did with the blood taken during the last eleven years... Battery charges were filed in the case because of the alleged fraud involved since there was no study, and because the victims were stuck in the arm with a needle."

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Molestin' judge gets 1/3 of the vote
Los Angeles Times | Submitted by: Hegor
File this under further proof that perhaps not everyone should be allowed to vote. Orange County California Superior Court Judge Robert Kline has been arraigned on child molestation charges. While he has not been convicted of any charges, a federal judge did rule Kline a "danger to children". And despite national media attention about his case, one third of Orange County voters still felt that he should still continue to hold his judgeship.

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Teen pageantry rocked by scandal
Detroit Free Press | Submitted by: grogg
"The controversy began when a contestant stopped midway through her routine in the talent competition, seemed to forget her dance moves, and ran off the stage, music still playing. The other nine contestants finished their routines without incident. Then, the pageant's executive director whispered to the head judge and the audience was told that due to technical difficulties, that contestant would get to do her routine again. She went on to win." No crying in baseball, but for both figure skating and pageantry (which are really the same sport) it can be a winning tactic.

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More on the hit and run
Dallas Morning News | Submitted by: Awful Andy
"Ms. Mallard's attorney said that many details of the case have been overblown and that his client is devastated by the accident and seeking counseling... 'She is not the cold, harsh, inhumane person they would have you think', defense attorney Mike Heiskell said. 'This girl is not a monster'... In an affidavit, Maranda Daniel told police that she had been out with Ms. Mallard and several other women in mid-February when Ms. Mallard 'giggled' as she explained how she had hit a man with her car."

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China has already cloned human embryos
New Scientist | Submitted by: Soylent
"Chinese scientists are claiming a great leap forward in human cloning: the creation of dozens of cloned embryos advanced enough to harvest embryonic stem cells... Another team based at Shanghai No. 2 Medical University claims to have derived stem cells from hybrid embryos composed of human cells and rabbit eggs." This Clone Gap will grow even more alarming as the Chinese push ahead with their research and we are left behind in the dust by Fundamentalist christian politics.

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Holy Apparition Appears in Window of Double-wide
The Desert Sun | Submitted by: Clay Sills
Hundreds of believers flock to witness the appearance of a Cross Of Light in the window of a double-wide trailer in California. Appropriately enough, the trailer is owned by a couple named Jesus and Concepcion. "Thank you, Thank you, Jesus" for putting in an appearance here at the trailer park.

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