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February 27, 2002

Mormon leader ordered massacre
London Telegraph | Submitted by: Jerry Lerman
"A confession etched on a newly discovered lead sheet has shaken the Mormon Church by linking its revered leader, Brigham Young, with one of the worst massacres in American history. The note claims that the founder of Salt Lake City ordered the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre, when a wagon train of 120 settlers, mostly women and children, were killed after they had thrown down their weapons on a promise of safe passage."

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Suicide by castration
Beaver County Times | Submitted by: Pete
If thy balls offend thee: "According to Ambridge police, 31-year-old Edward L. Praskovich of 67 Economy Village, disassembled a box cutter and used the enclosed razor blade to try to cut off his genitals early Saturday. He didn't succeed, police said." [The assumption of "suicide" just doesn't ring true in this case, unless perhaps something happened to Mr. Praskovich's genitals recently, something so awful that he could no longer bear to keep them.]

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Doomsday clock advances two minutes
Chicago Tribune | Submitted by: The Bug
"At a news conference this morning on the U. of C. campus, Nobel Prize winning physicist Leon Lederman moved the clock's minute hand to seven minutes to midnight, the same position as when the timepiece made its debut 55 years ago... One reason for today's change was the recognition after Sept. 11 that terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda are actively searching for nuclear material, said George Lopez, chairman of the bulletin's board."

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Bras across the bay
St. Petersburg Times | Submitted by: Pete
"The plan: Ask listeners to donate money and bras. String them together across the Friendship Trail Bridge. Give it a catchy title: "Bras Across the Bay." But the plan deflated Tuesday when Pinellas County commissioners refused to, well, support the idea. "Do you have to do this with bras?" asked Commission Chairman Barbara Sheen Todd."

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Why the Muslims misjudged us
Wall Street Journal | Submitted by: Soylent
"But blaming the West, and Israel, for the unendurable reality is easier for millions of Muslims than admitting the truth. Billions of barrels of oil, large populations, the Suez Canal, the fertility of the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates valleys, invaluable geopolitical locations and a host of other natural advantages that helped create wealthy civilizations in the past now yield an excess of misery, rather than the riches of resource-poor Hong Kong or Switzerland. How could it be otherwise, when it takes bribes and decades to obtain a building permit in Cairo, when habeas corpus is a cruel joke in Baghdad, and when Saudi Arabia turns out more graduates in Islamic studies than in medicine or engineering?"

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