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February 22, 2002

Toddler attacks strangers with toy truck
Stuff NZ | Submitted by: Deth Vegetable
"A boy aged three left one woman with a fractured skull and another shaken and bruised after hitting them with his toy truck. The women, who were waiting at a Tauranga pharmacy, endured a 30-minute ordeal as the tiny terror kicked, punched and smashed them with his toy. Both victims needed hospital treatment after the child was finally subdued."

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Vandals Attack Buckets Of Maple Syrup
NewsNet5 | Submitted by: commhealy
"Someone shattered the serene peace in Parkman by shooting 47 sap-collecting buckets belonging to Pennview Farms. The number of containers shot is only a drop in the bucket, since the farm has 2,500 of them. Making syrup is hard work; 40 gallons of sap boil down to 1 gallon of syrup... The Geauga County Sheriff's Department said that the shooting spree was the worst case of vandalism to hit the syrup operation in that county in many years."

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Gunfire dubbed into murder footage
Las Vegas City Life | Submitted by: Soylent
"While the shadowy footage made it difficult to follow the sequence of events, accompanying audio provided some assistance. Muffled laughter could be heard in the background; slot machines clanged unrelentingly; and then two gunshots popped loudly. However, the audio was not "natural"; it was dubbed in by KLAS, which apparently felt the exclusive footage (obtained from the Clark County district attorney's office) wasn't dramatic enough on its own."

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Enron had fake trading floor
Click2Houston | Submitted by: Gweeds
"The bankrupt energy giant, Enron Corp., designed and maintained a fake trading floor at its Houston office. According to former Enron employees, on the sixth floor of the company's downtown headquarters was a set, designed to trick analysts into believing business was booming. 'It was an elaborate Hollywood production that we went through every year when the analysts were going to be there to be impress them to make our stock go up', former employee Carol Elkin said."

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Bush wants very strict limits on WTC investigation
Washington Post | Submitted by: Mary Jane Fields
The Bush administration feels the American public isn't entitled to answers regarding the greatest attack on U.S. interests since Pearl Harbor. As part of a multipronged move to reduce government openness, President Bush is asking that the investigation be limited to committees whose proceedings are secret, keeping their findings out of the public eye. He is making the request on the grounds that it might divert personnel from from "fighting the war on terrorism". How about diverting some people from the useless War on Drugs to help out, then?

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