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February 18, 2002

The Best College Class Ever
Scripps-Howard News Service | Submitted by: Skeletor
"The University of California at Berkeley has suspended a male sexuality class after the campus newspaper published allegations that students watched their instructor have sex at a strip club and participated in an orgy at an extracurricular party... Christy Kovacs, a Berkeley freshman who was enrolled in the male sexuality course last semester for two units, said in an interview that some students in the class were involved in an orgy at a party. The party was held to introduce students from other sections of the course and was not mandatory, Kovacs said."

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Female prisoners denied hygiene products
Halifax Herald Limited | Submitted by: Halifax
Ladies: If you're in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, try to avoid getting arrested when you're on the rag. Cape Breton Regional Police are under fire for, among other things, denying sanitary napkins to two teenage females who were arrested and detained overnight. They had to appear in court the following blood-soaked jeans. Lovely.

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NZ judges surf porn at work
New Zealand Herald | Submitted by: simon
"Pressure is mounting for Justice Robert Fisher to resign in the interests of public confidence in judges after he used work computers to access sexual material on the internet. But the embarrassment to the Judiciary could spread - a scan of court computers found that three more judges have logged on to sex sites."

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Georgia crematory update
Fox News | Submitted by: Jon1776
The estimate of the bodies left decomposing at the Georgia crematory shut down earlier has risen to over 200, and its operator has been arrested on charges of theft by deception. "Officials denied reporters access to the 16-acre tract but photographers who flew over the area about 25 miles south of Chattanooga said they could see lines of white body bags."

Read article... and This article...

Homeowners upset over Kansas murder house
Kansas City Star | Submitted by: f00f
A whiny couple is demanding $5.7M because they bought a murder house unintentionally. Let's review the timeline. 1999: Baseball bat murder occurs at the house. September 2000: The Westhoffs purchase the house. Among the changes they make before moving in, a contractor installs a new garage door. Neighbors tell the contractor the house's history, they tell the Westhoffs. Late 2001: After numerous renovations, the couple moves in. February 2002: the couple files suit, including $500,000 for "pain and suffering". If they were "suffering", why the fuck did they move in after they found out it was a murder house?

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Augusta Cat Lady
Augusta Chronicle | Submitted by: anonymous
Jean Hrcsko stuck her head out of one of the broken windowpanes, took a deep breath of warm October air and asked: "Would you like a nice puppy?" Jean Hrcsko was charged with cruelty to animals in 1994 for keeping 109 dogs and a pig in squalid conditions in her 1,100-square-foot home. She and her daughter have since been banned from owning pets.

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