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February 16, 2002

Decomposing corpses found near crematory
Associated Press | Submitted by: econobiker
Writes the submitter: This story would be psycho enough if you just read it alone. But I actually lived in the area. The owners of the crematory were very connected to the political structure and very involved in the Afro-American political community there. The lady is a retired educator and community school activist in Walker County. In other words - everyone knows the people that have at least, by authorities preliminary accounts, 49 bodies laying around their property that should have been cremated. These are(were?) very popular people in this community- not your typical shunning-civilization ghouls.

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Face scanning technology still substandard
Wired | Submitted by: Soylent
"At a biometrics conference on Friday, Defense Department official Steven King said that of the 270 persons checked by the Visionics system, it correctly recognized individuals a mere 51 percent of the time, and identified an individual to within a range of 10 participants 81 percent of the time. The supposedly more reliable Iridian eye-scanners, meanwhile, correctly verified someone's identity just 94 percent of the time."

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The South Will Rise Again
Associated Press | Submitted by: Rio
The Sons of Confederate Veterans has raised the largest flying Confederate flag alongside a Interstate 75, to the alarm of some and the indifference of others. "Glenel Bowden, president of the Columbia County chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said his group did not plan to protest because the rebel flag was not displayed on a state-owned building or property."

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Dead child wins Best Press Photo
Independent | Submitted by: markyrwol
The image of a dead refugee child has won World Press Photo of the Year. Whenever posts images of dead children, we get a buttload of hate mail. But now, you can direct your hate towards Danish photographer Erik Refner from Berlingske Tidende, who beat out 50,000 other entries. First link is the story, second link is the winning photo.

Read article... and This article...

Fraternal Love
Buffalo News | Submitted by: Soylent
"Authorities say they were shocked at the sight of Zeta Beta Tau members sitting on the porch of their fraternity house drinking beer Tuesday morning as police removed Klein's body from a creek behind the residence... One of the attackers said that he repeatedly slapped Klein for his behavior in Syracuse, Pastore recalled. The other attacker said he had hit Klein 'for every brother that has ever been in our house, and there's about 300 names on the wall,' Witmyer said."

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America's Funniest Tax Deductions | Submitted by: Crazy Quagga
"Then there was the client who approached Manhattan CPA Marc Albaum about a very personal tax matter. 'He had made some money being a sperm donor and wanted to know if he could take a depletion allowance,' Albaum recalls. 'I told him he really needed to be an oil well or something like that.'"

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