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February 12, 2002

Fraternity suicide by 1000 cuts
Sacramento Bee | Submitted by: Pete
"Each of his 29 stab wounds could have been self-inflicted. There were no traces of entry into his room by another person. And his body showed no signs of injuries that would occur during a struggle... "It's difficult to believe that somebody could inflict those types of wounds," Yolo County Sheriff-Coroner Ed Prieto told reporters Monday. "But we just can't support the fact that anyone else was in the room."

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White House Trying to Kill Press Corps
Washington Post | Submitted by: Chris Thundermunkey
Is the White House trying to keep high approval numbers in the clouds indefintely by killing the White House Press Corps? Maybe, just maybe. "Consider Air Transat, the Canadian charter company that flew the White House press corps to Quebec and to five European countries. Soon after, an Air Transat plane ran out of fuel in both engines on a flight over the Atlantic and had to make an emergency landing in the Azores. It later emerged that the captain had served time in prison two decades earlier for transporting drugs."

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Man shoots girlfriend for saying New Jersey
KTRK 13 | Submitted by: anonymous
"A Galveston man is on trial for nearly killing his former girlfriend because of the words ("New Jersey") she was about to say. The man says the words make him crazy... Prosecutors say there are other words that Mitchell does not like, words like "Snickers" and "Mars Bar." Defense attorneys may question Mitchell's sanity at the time of the shooting, but court appointed psychiatrists have examined him with similar results."

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Hitting the high notes
Patriot-News | Submitted by: Pete
A Jewish clergyman is accused of molesting children during singing instructions, demonstrating Catholic priests are not alone, but at least these were girls (molesting boys is not kosher). "According to court papers, Wittlin confirmed that he had been teaching the 12-year-old and admitted that he placed his hand under her shorts. He claimed he was showing her a singing exercise, the documents said."

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Australia spying on Australians
AAP | Submitted by: Soylent
It's against Australian law for the government of Australia to spy on its own citizens. Of course this hasn't stopped it, but now the practice has been brought out into the open when they were caught red-handed intercepting private telephone calls.

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U.S. Military controlling the weather
Alternet | Submitted by: anonymous
"U.S. patent number 6315213, filed on November 13, is described as a method of modifying weather and should concern the public. A scientist from Wright Patterson Air Force Base acknowledges that planes are spraying barium salt, polymer fibers, aluminum oxide and other chemicals in the atmosphere to both modify the weather and for military communications purposes. The patent abstract specifically states: "The polymer is dispersed into the cloud and the wind of the storm agitates the mixture causing the polymer to absorb the rain. This reaction forms a gelatinous substance which precipitate to the surface below. Thus, diminishing the cloudís ability to rain."

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Horse kicks rapist in the face
Daily Breeze | Submitted by: LudditeAndroid
"Lt. Jason Lum with the Lomita sheriff's station said the incident began about 1 p.m. when deputies received a report of a suspicious man with his pants down who appeared to be sexually assaulting a horse at a private stable in the back yard of a Rolling Hills Estates home off Rolling Hills Road near the Torrance city limits."

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Pig-headed sentence
Associated Press | Submitted by: anonymous
"A man who called a police officer a pig has served his sentence with a sow. A lunchtime crowd --including his daughter-- jeered and joked with Steven Thompson on Friday as he stood on a city sidewalk next to a 350-pound pig in a pen for two hours, with a sign reading, "This is not a police officer." [Why does Police Police Chief Wiggum have a snout, then?]

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