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February 08, 2002

UK is a surveillance state
BBC | Submitted by: Soylent
One of the things a foreigner notices about London is there are cameras fucking everywhere. There are numerous places that have two or three dozen cameras pointing in all directions. In fact, about 10 percent of closed circuit surveillance cameras are in the UK, and certainly more out in public than anywhere else in the world. Does it work? "A comprehensive study of the impact of CCTV in Glasgow found no evidence it reduced crime or the fear of crime."

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Bookies might not pay Superbowl wins
Boston Herald | Submitted by: Soylent
"'We got annihilated', said one South Shore bookmaker whose operation was creamed for $150,000 in losses on Super Bowl Sunday. 'I had housewives and grandmothers betting on this game. People who never bet were betting hundreds and regular $50 bettors were betting thousands. There will most definitely be a problem with some bookies not paying.'"

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Zombie ship rises from the deep
Shipping Times | Submitted by: Bloater Paste
"Royal Thai Navy Vice Admiral Akanit Meunsri said an advisory had been issued for ships travelling in the Gulf of Thailand off Trat province, some 315 kilometres south-east of Bangkok. He said the wreckage of the Pac One, which sank in 1996 some 60 nautical miles off Koh Kood, floated to the surface on Tuesday and drifted some two kilometres in the direction of the island resort of Koh Chang."

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Single bullet gets man fifteen years
Des Moines Register | Submitted by: Soylent
"Yirkovsky's saga began when he happened to come across a loaded .22-caliber round while pulling up carpets in the home of a friend who was putting him up in exchange for some remodeling work. He stuck the bullet in a box in his room. The bullet was discovered by police who were searching Yirkovksy's room after his ex-girlfriend asserted he had some of her belongings." Yirkovsky has been sentenced to mandatory 15 years prison in Iowa.

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Jewish Hitler Passport discovered
BBC | Submitted by: Soylent
British Intelligence made a false passport for Hitler during WWII, which was recently made an exhibit at the Public Records Office in London. "No clue is given as to why the fake Hitler passport was created - it could have been a joke, or part of a plan to spread disinformation. It was stamped on the outside with a large 'J' by its forgers to denote that he was Jewish, and said that his profession was a painter."

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New York Post | Submitted by: Soylent
"Gross: I'd like to think the personality you presented on our show today is a persona that you've affected as a member of KISS, but that you're not nearly as obnoxious when you're at home or with friends. Simmons: Fair enough, and I'd like to think that the boring lady who's talking to me now is a lot sexier and more interesting than the one's who's doing NPR, studious and reserved."

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