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February 02, 2002

You are the weakest link, goodbye
Associated Press | Submitted by: Mike-Ze-JaCKAL
We've all had the urge to off our collective wives and tape record their snuffing but few of us have actually taken the trouble to do so. One of those who has, Richard Cooper, of Tonbridge UK not only did this, but said "YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK... GOODBYE" during the process. "She would not tell me she loved me, that's all I wanted her to do." What do we say? Two thumbs up.

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al-Qaida prisoners masturbate in front of guards
Weekly Standard | Submitted by: anonymous
"Sgt. Rodney Davis says that during chowtime, he sees them through his scope 'making terrain models out of their food.' And unlike say, Afghan prisons, where starving detainees are reportedly begging to be sent to Gitmo, there's plenty of food to play with. 'They get fed better than us, sir,' says Lampert. When I ask the Marines if they've seen anything weird, they laugh sheepishly, looking at each other. Finally, Sgt. Josh Westbrook, who sports a forearm tattoo of flaming baby heads, steps up. 'They know they're being watched,' he explains, 'so they'll stare at you, and while they stare at you, they'll, uh, masturbate.'"

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Llama shit cleans water
BBC | Submitted by: bhima
"Llama droppings are being used to treat poisonous waters leaking from abandoned tin and silver mines in Bolivia. Paul Younger, professor of hydrogeochemical engineering at Newcastle University, UK, thought of the idea to help poor communities improve the quality of their water supply." Lay off those 10-martini lunches.

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