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January 31, 2002

Hot goat sex visible from train
The Sun | Submitted by: JoJo Thundermunkey
A man caused an entire train of passengers to experience disbelief as his anal tryst with a goat was witnessed in broad daylight. The man working the business end of the goat, Stephen Hall, is embarrassed by the whole thing, as he rightly should be. How is the goat faring? According to its vet, "I saw the goat the next day it did not seem too upset but it is difficult to tell." Seriously, though: goats don't mind it.

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Freak gunpowder explosion injures pregnant teen
Detroit News | Submitted by: Phat Max
"A pregnant 19-year-old Walled Lake woman remained hospitalized Wednesday with serious injuries suffered when she extinguished a cigarette in a can of gunpowder... The boyfriend said he and a friend had been entertaining themselves with the powder a couple days ago and he had put what was left into a pop can, set it up there near his bed and then forgot about it." Authorities are skeptical.

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Death to the boring
Victoria Herald-Sun | Submitted by: anonymous
A lady pro-wrestler is accused of having her husband whacked, the first two attempts of which were unsuccessful. Severing the brake line didn't work. Pushing him off a motorbike didn't work. Cutting his throat three times seems to have done the trick. "The prosecutor said it was not clear why Mrs Parsons wanted to have her 'ordinary and unexceptional' husband killed." Duh. Who wants a boring husband?

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Time to rewrite the DMCA
c|net | Submitted by: Macki
An excellent article about the abuse of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by the big media interests, by Congressman Rick Boucher. A time may come that to even read a paragraph from a book may require payment of a royalty, and Boucher wants to avoid that world. He is calling for a rewrite of the Act such that the only criminal circumventions of digital protections are those that are intended to actually break copyright.

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Hot pussy leaves 400 homeless
Reuters | Submitted by: Wraith
"More than 400 Cambodians were left homeless when a roasted cat caught fire, sending flames shooting through a village of wooden shacks, police said Thursday." Astonishing! "The suspect liked to eat cat meat while drinking wine with his friends." Who doesn't?

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Teenage boys sell teacher sex story to tabloids
Halifax Herald Limited | Submitted by: Zonkey
Growing up in the UK must be fun: You can have sex with your teacher (as often as three times!), get her thrown in jail, and have a tabloid pay you $15,000 for the story. In previous centuries, such as the 20th, you could only have sex with your teacher for free, and it was usually a man.

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