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January 30, 2002

Dead baby lost in laundry
BBC | Submitted by: Brrrrrett
"A mortuary technician is being 'closely supervised' after the body of a baby boy was lost in a hospital's laundry. The remains of baby James Fernandez were put through a 95F wash after he went missing from Queen Mary's Hospital, in Sidcup, Kent." Why, anyone could make this honest mistake. What's worse is, the baby was broken in the process: "I was horrified. I asked whether James was in one piece and he told me that he was but had suffered lots of fractures."

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Why did police arrest 734,498 pot-smokers
Libertarian Party | Submitted by: Nikone
"You just have to wonder: If the tens of thousands of law enforcement officers, the millions of man-hours, and the billions of dollars that were spent monitoring, investigating, arresting, charging, processing, jailing, and bringing to trial non-violent marijuana users had been used, instead, for anti-terrorist activities -- could the September 11 atrocity have been prevented?" [This one is from November.]

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Saskatoon girls pimping it out
Canadian Broadcasting | Submitted by: Zonkey
"Saskatoon police say they're cracking down on a disturbing trend. They say an increasing number of teenage girls are forcing other girls to work for them as prostitutes. Four girls appeared in a Saskatoon youth court this week. The youngest one was only 13."

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Squeezing in more commercials
Tech TV | Submitted by: Soylent
Twenty minutes of commercials per hour is simply not enough! Technology is now available and deployed to squeeze that extra minute of turnip blood from syndicated television without actually cutting scenes. The device runs in real time by merging duplicate frames to avoid choppiness, thereby nickel and dime-ing your time away.

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Ford Motor dropping bondage & discipline lines
Financial Times | Submitted by: Louie
Ford Motor Company is in the leather underwear and silver handcuff business, and wants out. It's telling its Aston-Martin subsidiary to stop selling these items and any others not conducive to a family-oriented business. Of course, founder of the company Henry Ford used money earned by the Ford Motor to finance his other family-oriented crusade, the dissemination of anti-Semitic propaganda into every U.S. public library.

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Beijing claims throne to toilet summit
Reuters | Submitted by: Wraith
"China's capital, notorious for rank public lavatories with little privacy and no seats, won over World Toilet Society (WTS) officials at the November summit in Singapore with documentaries showing the city's improvements, the official Xinhua news agency said on Tuesday. It did not detail the documentaries' contents."

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University of Natal, Durban | Submitted by: Soylent
"The most perplexing aspect of musth is the continual streaming of urine down the legs of the males. It seems incredible wasteful for gallons of liquids to flow out of an animal that spends most of its time walking between water holes. Besides the waste, there is always the risk of infection, especially seeing the penis becomes coated in an algal layer, giving it a green sheen, and resulting in the nickname of GP-syndrome, or green penis syndrome of the highest level of musth."

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