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January 27, 2002

Carls Jr. accused of animal indecency
United Poultry Concerns | Submitted by: Soylent
"Mr. Brayman said the company plans to continue running the ad, which shows men poking around the body of a live chickens, looking for the bird's 'nuggets.' The ad implies an anal search of the chicken's body and is completely offensive. It models itself on scenes of gang rape and on a medical examination of one's body that no one would consent to have publicly aired."

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Snuff videos used in UK mosques
Observer | Submitted by: Lone Gunman
"One video called The Mirror of the Jihad showed Taliban forces in Afghanistan decapitating Northern Alliance soldiers with knives. It was distributed by an Islamic organisation based in Paddington, London. Another video, shot in Bosnia, advocated a 'jihad to wipe out atheism'. 'God loves people who kill in his name. The enemies of Islam are scared. The Jews and the Christians know that they have lost [the war] and want to stop us spreading the truth.' Each [video] cost UKP 10."

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One eyed Afghan lion finally dies
Reuters | Submitted by: anonymous
When western journalists "occupied" the fallen city of Kabul, there was apparently precious little to report on, so they focused their efforts on Marjan, the zoo's one-eyed lion. This human-interest story (lion-interest?) was repeatedly on MSNBC and Fox News, the blind and flea bitten lion gracing our screens instead of real news, still somehow better than Geraldo. And now Marjan is dead of natural causes, but we're still stuck with that goddamned reporter.

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Time-Warner extortion scheme fails
Sydney Morning Herald | Submitted by: Soylent
The movie industry, not content with nine dollar movie admissions, made an attempt in Australia to charge video rental places extortionist fees for providing DVD's for rental. They did this by claiming that DVD's were somehow "software" and not subject to the laws regarding film. Some rental places did the right thing and bought consumer-grade movies at Kmart, for which Time-Warner threatened criminal and civil prosecution. An Australian judge has called them on this bullshit.

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Man trades karma for Ferraris
Dallas Morning News | Submitted by: AwfulAndy
What more perfect crime is there than stealing from dead people. Mel Spillman used his position of trust and his crafty ability to forge documents to illegitimately control the estates of 65 people, and possibly many more. And from this effort yielded a life of dinner parties and Ferrari racing, at least when the debts of the estates in question were less than the assets (d'oh).

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Northwest Passage threatens Canada sovereignty
Canadian Broadcasting | Submitted by: Soylent
Eighteenth century colonists never did find the Northwest Passage, but within the next forty years, melting ice may change all that. In ten years Canada's ice has thinned by up to 40%, and if this continues there will be a sea passage from Asia to Europe. Currently to make that trip, the services of an icebreaker are required. Most other nations do not recognize Canada's claim to these waters.

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Penile adequacy of cop questioned
Calgary Sun | Submitted by: f00f
"During the radio broadcast the plaintiff's name was announced six times, twice preceded by the term 'constable,' clearly identifying him to the listening public," the lawsuit says. The comments were meant to imply Gottschling is "ignorant," "is a primitive form of man," and "is sexually inadequate and carries a gun merely to compensate for such inadequacy," it says.

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