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January 21, 2002

Detainees sew lips together
Guardian | Submitted by: Bok
Illegal immigrants at Woomera detention camp in Australia are fed up with visa delays and have begun... sewing their lips together. Many detainees are on a hunger strike and at least 58 have taken the more extreme lip measure. They are all Afghanis, a fact not mentioned in the first article.

Read article... and This article...

Stairway to Heaven tattoo
Glasgow Evening Times | Submitted by: Frizz
"A rock fan has had the entire lyrics of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven tattooed on his back in a tribute to a dead friend. Bike-mad Gordon Roy, 38, lost his pal five years ago in an accident in Wishaw, Lanarkshire, when he was run over by a bus... In a three-hour session costing 65, all the words and images that accompany the song were tattooed in black ink by tattoo artist Dave McGowan of Motherwell." [Since this is a copyright violation, will the RIAA be demanding the skin off Gordon's back?]

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Sex Change Widow in Imbroglio
Independent | Submitted by: dj arianna
"But there is something else at stake which explains why the ruling is being keenly awaited across the US. Ms Gardiner is a woman now, but wasn't always. The aggrieved stepson, Joe Gardiner, wants the court to declare the marriage she entered with his father void, because J'Noel was born a man, and indeed remained one until he underwent a series of operations in the early 1990s to change his sex."

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Drugs 1, Government 0
Pasadena Star-News | Submitted by: naturalcryst
The U.S. government constantly abuses forfeiture laws with relation to drugs, but in this case, a drug dealer got even. Failure to file paperwork within the statutory five year period has cost the federales $400,000 ($250,000 for the boat that was seized, plus $150,000 in attorney costs.) The boat was sold off years ago for $100,000. "It's routine for the government to neglect the rules when seizing items from people like drug smugglers, who typically lack the resources to fight back." D'oh.

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RSI for sex workers?
AAP | Submitted by: thogard
"Our knowledge of the [sex] industry indicates that a whole range of injuries can occur in the workplace, from slipping on a wet floor in bathroom settings - because most brothels have an ensuite or bathroom attached to working rooms - to things like tripping on stairs, slip hazards, a whole range of issue." NOT TO MENTION DIGNITY. So uhh, try a new position or something.

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Australia refuses censorship answers
Sydney Morning Herald | Submitted by: Soylent
Australia censors the Internet. Exactly what it censors from it, is apparently a state secret. Electronic Frontiers Australia filed suit under the Australian Freedom of Information Act to obtain this information, but has been denied both the list of pages which have been banned, plus the list of pages that haven't been banned. So Australians will remain in the dark about what their government is censoring from them, at least until an appeal is decided.

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