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January 20, 2002

Man keeps wife in shed as baby incubator
Agence France Presse | Submitted by: Abson
A man in Guangdong China who beat his wife so much he damaged her brain permanently, kept her in a shed but permitted her to give birth to a child. That's ok, he only paid 2,000 yuan for her to begin with. Other villagers were aware of the situation but chose to do nothing: domestic violence was legal in China until last year.

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Airports destroying seized crap
Press Democrat | Submitted by: anonymous
What do airports do with all that crap seized from passengers? It seems that it gets melted down. "Before it was destroyed, the airport's collection of seized items included miniature toy guns that hang from key chains, cigarette lighters and even a shower head, taken from a man who brought his own when he visited hotels."

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Kimble in deep shit
The Register | Submitted by: Soylent
Kimble is a wannabe "hacker" who seems to enjoy the company of rented cars and rented women. The European hacker community has always had a low opinion of Kim Schultz and his Kimvestor "ventures". And now Thai authorities have arrested him based on German warrents alleging securities fraud, and his website now promises a Monday suicide. We can only hope.

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