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January 16, 2002

Photos on upset New Zealand
New Zealand One | Submitted by: Jenny
Photos submitted to have sparked controversy in New Zealand. "A slaying that shocked New Zealand over 12 years ago is back in the spotlight on an American website []. The website is showing gruesome police photos of David Fuko, a young Tongan man hacked to death with a machete in an Auckland shopping centre."

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Doctor Dogmeat muzzled
Reuters | Submitted by: Soylent
More developments on the dogmeat front. The owner of the venue chosen by dogmeat promotors has stopped a gathering from occurring: "Some 100 dogmeat restaurant owners were to launch their federation on Monday with an appearance by a college professor dubbed "Doctor Dogmeat" who boasts 350 canine recipes and a development strategy for the Korean dogmeat industry."

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Model bites rapist
Mainichi Daily News | Submitted by: anonymous
"Kato bit down as hard as she could, grinding her molars into the mouthful of meat she says had a texture a bit like chicken gizzards. Blood spurted from Kato's mouth as her evil assailant reflexively tried to push her away only to find the model refused to release her hold. Though unable to bite through to the end, the beast was left with a large chunk of his most precious part merely dangling like a turkey's giblet. He ran off and the young model was saved."

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The CIA's business
Independent | Submitted by: Soylent
What does the CIA do with all that money? Some of it is strategically invested, and one of these investments has some UK lawmakers worried: "One Labour MP said the projects raised major questions about whether these relationships were in Britain's interests. Alan Simpson, a senior member of the left-wing Campaign group of backbenchers, said: "Where does this take the CIA? If we're giving them the ability to plot grid references to any house in Britain, it raises fundamental questions about whether this is in the national interest."

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Worst patents of all time
Scientific American | Submitted by: Soylent
The US Patent and Trademark office has issued some rather asinine patents in the past twenty years. So what unscrupulous companies have done is patent things in common practice for which no prior patent abstract exists. Even if that practice is obvious to persons "skilled in the art", they may not be obvious to patent examiners. Hence, the infamous 3D Pie Chart patent.

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More on the Kerkorian $323K/mo child support
The Smoking Gun | Submitted by: Soylent
Itemized for your inspection! A followup on yesterday's ridiculous multimillion dollar child support award request. "Lisa Kerkorian, bless her heart, helpfully filed this monthly expense breakdown, a document that should immediately be rushed to the Library of Congress and placed in a vitrine alongside other important American artifacts like the Declaration of Independence."

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Toddler entombed in concrete
Associated Press | Submitted by: Ross
A woman who dismembered her three year old daughter and entombed her in concrete has been sentenced to 25 years prison in Los Angeles.

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