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January 07, 2002

Plushy humping show can't be banned
Holland Sentinel | Submitted by: useless
A victory for plushies everywhere! "The show, by a group called Crackhead Productions, ran for the next 47 minutes, showcasing simulated sex with stuffed animals, faked masturbation and plenty of swear words as the three male actors -- two in disguises -- tramped through local woods trying to avoid a "twig" that wants to "rape" them."

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Man kills, encases his mother
Anchorage Daily News | Submitted by: Jackie
"Her face was encased in duct tape. Her hands were bound with duct tape. Her body was fully clothed and tightly wrapped with a blanket. The blanket, in turn, was wrapped with duct tape. The entire body was enclosed in the breakfast bar of the trailer. That had been sealed with silicone, shelves removed, and doors replaced with screwed-in wall paneling. The enclosure further was sealed by means of a counter top."

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Russians tried to sell Uranium
Independent | Submitted by: Ann Onymous
"The men were arrested on Tuesday in the town of Balashikha, south-east of Moscow, trying to sell a container of uranium-235 for $30,000 NTV television said. The suspects were charged with illegal handling of nuclear materials, it said. A later NTV report said that according to "preliminary information" the materials were weapons-grade." Welcome to capitalism.

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Rear Admiral Nimitz in double suicide
Boston Globe | Submitted by: Soylent
"Rear Adm. Chester W. Nimitz Jr., a decorated World War II submarine veteran and Navy Fleet Adm. Chester W. Nimitz's only son, died with his wife, Joan Labern Nimitz. He was 86, and she was 89. The couple faced deteriorating health and chose to take their own lives, a day after a New Year's Day celebration with their family, said their daughter, Betsy Van Dorn."

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Top ten worst corporations of 2001
Multinational Monitor | Submitted by: Soylent
Are corporations evil? These ten are. Example: "Sara Lee was doing testing of the environment in the plant for cold-loving bacteria," says Caroline Smith DeWaal of the Center for Science in the Public Interest. "Then their tests started coming up positive, so they stopped testing. They knew they had a problem with bacteria in the plant. But instead of solving it, they chose to ignore it."

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