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January 06, 2002

Soylent Pet Food is Pets
Los Angeles Times | Submitted by: John
"The film then cut to a rendering plant that boils down the city's euthanized dogs, along with dead pigs and cows from local farms and leftover bones, hooves and innards from slaughterhouses. The end products are used to make cosmetics and fertilizer, gelatin and poultry feed, pharmaceuticals and pet food." Yes, people. Your pet food is made of pets. Also, Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.

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DOJ overstating terrorism arrests
St. Petersburg Times | Submitted by: Soylent
"Is a drunk, rowdy passenger on an airplane a terrorist? Is a man who pushes a judge? They are according to annual reports from the Department of Justice. An investigation by the Miami Herald found that the department routinely overstates the number of terrorist arrests and convictions it makes every year. It does so, apparently, to cook the numbers for Congress, as a way to justify its annual $22-billion budget of which counterterrorism is a part."

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Una Modella Nuda Come Decorazione
Yahoo! Italia | Submitted by: Johnathans
"Ristorante self-service, imbandito con piatti di pesce e con una modella nuda come decorazione." Or a self-service fish plate sumptuously laid with a nude model on the side. Why don't they do this in America?

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