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January 05, 2002

Cattle mutilations trendy
Great Falls Tribune | Submitted by: Soylent
"King said it looked as though a surgeon had sliced into his 7-year-old Charolais, the way its right eye and ear were cut off -- not to mention the way its reproductive organs had been cored. What King finds most unusual, however, is that two months later the carcass lies right where he found it, untouched. "Predators won't eat it. It should have been cleaned up and gone a long time ago." [I reckon that is mighty peculiar.]

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Idi Amin's son running for mayor
BBC | Submitted by: Soylent
"Haji Ali Amin, who has held no previous political post. is hoping to become mayor of Njeru, which is some 80 kilometres from Kampala." His father, Idi, pioneered many new and innovative techniques of torture, interrogation, and humiliation, yet oddly remains a free man.

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Burglars find 9 month stale corpse
The Province | Submitted by: Death-spider
"Falcone's mummified body was found on the floor of his bedroom on New Year's Eve by two burglars who had an attack of conscience and called the police." People only had vague recollections of this guy, apparently living as a 'blank' who didn't want to be disturbed.

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Met Life wants this man dead
San Francisco Examiner | Submitted by: Pseudopod
A somewhat long and meandering article, but it does demonstrate exactly how evil and uncaring a company such as Met Life can be: "Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. doesn't appreciate it when a client lives beyond the time allotted on the disability chart it keeps in its corporate headquarters, says Oscar Gray, who is living proof a client can outlast the system. Gray says if you live too long, corporate henchmen find a way to legally speed up the death process."

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Man kills coach for permitting violence
Independent | Submitted by: cody
A bit of the ultra-violent anti-violence: "Thomas Junta is accused of pushing the coach, Michael Costin, to the ground by the edge of the ice rink and repeatedly pounding his head on the floor in full view of the children who had been in the practice game, most of them aged 10 to 15. Mr Costin died the next day in hospital."

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