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January 04, 2002

Gates assassination questioned by film
The Register | Submitted by: Wraith
Bill Gates skull blown apart JFK style in an independant documentary of the billionaire. The premise of the faux documentary, said to be a cross between Kevin Costner vehicle JFK and The Blair Witch Project, is that Gates was shot dead in Los Angeles on 2 December 1999 while attending a charity event. Character assassination at its finest.

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Firefighters retrieve frozen penis
Associated Press | Submitted by: Rio
So many questions about this story of a man's manhood. Did he knowingly detach his penis [probably, or more details would be available], or was it an accident? Did the man know that if you freeze a penis, the cells are permanently damaged and the organ cannot be reattached? [probably not] Did Associated Press know this? [obviously not]

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The latest leaflet atrocity
US DOD | Submitted by: Soylent
"Osama bin Business" is the theme chosen for the latest propaganda leaflet drop over Afghanistan. Leaflets show him beardless and in attire suitable for a Better Business Bureau meeting. Exactly what this is supposed to mean to a cave-dwelling mujahadeen is anyone's guess, but it is clear that someone at USIA should lose his job over it.

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Attempt to ban videogames backfires
Indianapolis Star | Submitted by: Soylent
The City of Indianapolis attempted to ban violent video games, and spent $400K in the process of drafting legislation to that effect. But the Amusement and Music Operators Association sued to overturn the ban and won, also recovering $300K legal fees in the process. That's $700K wasted, more than the City spent on all recreation programs for youth, combined.

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A little Mecca where Ground Zero was
Slate | Submitted by: Soylent
Were the WTC towers targetted because they were the tallest buildings in the biggest city of the most powerful country in the world? Or was there some moral issue at stake: "Yamasaki's [WTC] courtyard mimicked Mecca's assemblage of holy sitesóthe Qa'ba (a cube) containing the sacred stone, what some believe is the burial site of Hagar and Ishmael, and the holy springóby including several sculptural features, including a fountain, and he anchored the composition in a radial circular pattern, similar to Mecca's."

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Backstreet Boy arrest details
The Smoking Gun | Submitted by: Coolio
"The cops arrested him, put him in handcuffs, and then put him in the police car. Nick wasn't belligerent, but he started bawling. He said, 'You just want to arrest a Backstreet Boy. I've never been arrested. I don't know what to do!' He was crying hard. Tears were streaming down his face. People were laughing at him. The cops were chuckling."

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Infant shoots and kills cop father
Reuters | Submitted by: Toughlon
A young police officer from Smyrna was killed by his 3 year old son after he left his gun on the kitchen table. [There is only one thing to blame here, and it's not the gun -- it's Charles Darwin.]

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