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January 03, 2002

Gay UPS-man doll under fire | Submitted by: Pete
"The BPS Billy doll, an anatomically correct plastic figure, is dressed in a brown uniform with a package-shaped logo. Both accouterments are similar to the United Parcel Service's trademark, King & Spalding lawyers say. The doll sells for $45.95 on, a Web site that touts itself as a "gay and lesbian online shopping mall."

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51 nukes to do Russia, 124 to wipe out US
Ottowa Citizen | Submitted by: Yowboy
Canadian peaceniks have calculated the thermonuclear firepower required to trash the nations of the world: 11 nukes will eliminate a smaller G8 state like Canada, 51 will erase Russia from the atlas, 124 will deep-six the US of A, but a whopping 368 well-placed nukes would be required to topple China, the Middle Kingdom. What's Mandarin for "I seek asylum"? Good news is that only four nukes are required to turn Iraq or N. Korea to dust.

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Howard Stern worse than Bin Laden
New York Daily News | Submitted by: anonymous
From the mouth of the erudite Sean Penn: "I think that people like the Howard Sterns, the Bill O'Reillys and to a lesser degree the Bin Ladens of the world are making a horrible contribution" to society, says the 41-year-old star of "I Am Sam," who saves his most scathing remarks for the Fox News Channel host.

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Witch kills lover and two husbands
Independent | Submitted by: Lord Action
"Ms Gray's first husband was shot dead in his parked car in 1974. Her second husband was gunned down in 1990. In 1996, the body of her lover was found in the boot of a car, with 9mm bullet wounds. In each case, the pattern was the same: an apparently strong case against Ms Gray suddenly evaporated when witnesses abruptly refused to co-operate, amid strange tales of incantations, potions and voodoo spells."

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Some ground zero victims suffered after collapse
The Sun | Submitted by: Norad
WTC workers burrowing into the shopping mall & concourse beneath the collapsed towers uncovered grisly evidence that some of those trapped in the rubble did not die a pleasant death. A few who survived tried to dig their way out with their fingernails, and firefighters are now carrying fallen comrades out on stretchers after a large gathering of bodies was found New Years Eve.

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God's greatness causes panic
Associated Press | Submitted by: Rio
A Roman Catholic skywriter's words "God is Great" appearing above Boca Raton, Florida caused a number of residents to think that some manner of terrorist event was occurring. Of course, if these words had actually been written in Arabic squiggles, the reaction would have been "oh, how pretty!"

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Former first puppy mowed down by car
Independent | Submitted by: Obs
The life of former President William Jefferson Clinton's brown retriever, the former First Puppy "Buddy", was tragically cut short when it was struck by an automobile in New York. [50 points]

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