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January 02, 2002

Hair bandit attacks deputy
Los Angeles Times | Submitted by: Linda Goodwin
A followup to the "hair fetisher" of a couple days ago, the suspected bandit attempted to run a deputy over with his vehicle, resulting in shots fired. It does seem suspicious: "There is a possibility that Howard is the hair bandit, who has struck repeatedly over the last few weeks in Long Beach and nearby cities. There were large chunks of brown hair and a pair of scissors left at the scene of the shooting."

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Grave concern: Jews and bones and airflight
Associated Press | Submitted by: Pseudopod
Israeli airline El Al now has to agree to fly around cemeteries: "Under Jewish law, those of priestly descent are forbidden to enter a cemetery, and the defilement is believed to extend all the way up to the heavens. Some passengers had even asked to be wrapped in plastic bags to protect themselves from defilement."

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Iraqi officials may tour U.S. nuclear plants
World Net Daily | Submitted by: Skroll
In a bit of craziness than in retrospect seems even crazier, the U.S. is in large part funding a program that allows foreign nationals, including those from rogue nations who happen to be members of the International Atomic Energy Agency (including Iraq and Libya), to tour American nuclear plants to learn about their security.

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Monkey brains off the menu in Gabon (for now)
Reuters | Submitted by: DJ3dg
"Monkey brains and tender elephant trunks were off the Christmas menu in northern Gabon where an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus has deprived people of their traditional fare." [How could a traditionally non-Christian people have a traditional Christmas dinner, one must wonder.]

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Banished words for 2002
LSSU | Submitted by: Soylent
"Lake Superior State University released its 27th annual List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness. The compilation draws from hundreds of nominations received from all over the world by mail and through the Internet."

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A secret life traced with used panties
Mainichi Daily News | Submitted by: John
"A color photo of Hanako in her school uniform, legs spread apart to show off her sheer silk panties and holding a small bottle containing a golden-colored liquid stand as testimony to her junior high school hedonistic heyday as a "bloomer seller."

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