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April 21, 2002

Flesh Eating Plant Stolen by Drunkards
The Scotsman | Submitted by: Todrael
A bio-engineered plant programmed to eat slugs was stolen from behind a high tech laser alarm system. Erich Preymann says he "hope[s] that this was a prank played by some drunkards and the plant will be returned to me soon."

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Potheads arrested for meter long joint
Australian Broadcasting | Submitted by: aeon
"Darwin residents opposed to changing the Northern Territory's drug laws have held a protest in a city park lighting what they claim, at just under a metre in length, is Darwin's biggest joint. ... Five protesters were arrested, one of those for having a toke on the one-metre joint. ... However, the joint was not confiscated because police say it may not have contained marijuana."

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Harry Potter fans drink poisonous potion
BBC | Submitted by: tyche
"Harry Potter fans in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk are believed to have been poisoned after drinking a "magic potion" inspired by the series of books about a boy wizard. Local police suspect that older children stole copper sulphate from a school laboratory and fed it to younger children in a Potteresque initiation ceremony." Mmm, copper sulphate...

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Three die in Internet suicide pact
News Corporation | Submitted by: Ogrish
"Two teenaged girls and a 34-year-old man leaped 28 floors to their deaths in the South Korean capital after making an internet suicide pact, police said today. South Korean authorities have tried to clampdown on internet sites that aid suicide but more than 20 people are now known to have killed themselves over the past 18 months after making plans on the web."

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He should have kept it with his putter
KHOU-TV 11 Houston | Submitted by: anonymous
"Larry Alford's prosthetic arm has been missing ever since last month, when thieves stole his car and unwittingly took his false limb. Now police believe they know who took the car, but they wonder whether they'll ever find Alford's arm." Where do police think it is? "It's very possible that one or even both arms are now in a landfill."

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City of Topeka published credit card numbers
Topeka Capital-Journal | Submitted by: newsnose
"He provided the exact address of the file, which the newspaper was able to access. As he said, it was a listing of 500 people, apparently young people who had at some time signed up for city recreation programs. Other columns in the table provided the parents' names and addresses. Another contained four sets of four numbers, a typical arrangement for credit card numbers."

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Her entire family raped her
All Africa | Submitted by: anonymous
There is a lot of ethical and moral decay in certain parts of Africa, especially South Africa. This article detailed several cases of incestuous child rape, which seems to be an epidemic in the region. To be fair, such evil is not limited to South Africa, but it is certainly a larger problem there: "She took off my pyjamas and told me to lay down. My father came in and began fondling me and then raping me. When I struggled my mother held me down."

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