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April 20, 2002

Funeral marred by maggoty corpse
Palm Beach Post | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
According to a lawsuit filed against Stevens Brothers Funeral Home, the funeral of Roosevelt Marks Sr. did not meet expectations. Evidently, the body had not been properly embalmed. The family claims that during the $5,691 service, "maggots made their way out of the body." The funeral home responded by turning up the chapel's air conditioning. When this tactic proved ineffective, the staff simply shut the coffin.

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Deep sea diver finishes Marathon in 6 days
Guardian | Submitted by: Bennie Kombol
The London Marathon has finally come to a close today following the nearly six day effort of a man who chose to participate in the event wearing a 1940's era deep sea divers rig. "When I was diagnosed with cancer I needed to know it was not the end. I have come through it and I hope that this run will inspire anyone else diagnosed not to give up hope." Oh sure, that explains it.

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Employees harassed at harassment seminar
San Diego Union-Tribune | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
City employees of Oceanside, California were recently subjected to a mandatory training class on sexual harassment in the workplace. After a benumbing PowerPoint presentation, the participants were suddenly and quite unexpectedly treated to a pornographic image projected on the big screen. The photo depicted two nude preteen girls reclining on a bed. The source of the image has yet to be identified.

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The Nazi-al Qaida Connection
Exquisite Corpse | Submitted by: Ann Onymous
"Although he loathed Arabs (he once described them as "lacquered half-apes who ought to be whipped"), Hitler understood that he and the Mufti shared the same rivals -- the British, the Jews and the Communists. Indicative of the old Arab adage, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," they met in Berlin, where the Mufti lived in exile during the war. The Mufti agreed to help organize a special Muslim division of the Waffen SS. Powerful radio transmitters were put at the Mufti's disposal so that his pro-Axis propaganda could be heard throughout the Arab world."

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Photos of racist A&F shirts
Wire Services | Submitted by: SeMeN SpeRmS
A followup to the Ambercrombie story posted the other day, photos of the racist shirts in question.

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Look Out Kids, here comes Bibleman!
Wichita Eagle | Submitted by: Dustin Prewitt
Willie Aames, former star of "Eight is Enough", "Eight is Enough: A Family Reunion", "An Eight is Enough Wedding", and "Eight is Enough: The E! True Hollywood Story" has found... Jesus! He claims his new project, Bibleman, is "like Pink Floyd for Kids" except without the drugs and and without the walling yourself off in your apartment and shaving your eyebrows off. We're having a lot of trouble determining where this star hits "rock bottom".

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Fish and Chip killing
Sky News | Submitted by: Ogrish
"Police have arrested a man and a woman in connection with the killing of a pensioner who died after she was mugged for her 2 fish supper." This is mainly here because of her portrait.

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