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April 14, 2002

Man registered soldering gun as firearm
Canoe | Submitted by: Soylent
"The Manitoba man who successfully registered his soldering gun as a firearm to protest new federal gun laws will not be charged by police... Last Christmas, Buckley, who opposes the new gun laws requiring all firearms to be registered by 2003, mailed his registration form back to the government with information from his soldering and heat guns on it. The "guns" were registered in the national database and Buckley received certificates with Black & Decker and Weller listed as the makers and soldering gun and heat gun listed as the type."

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French students sample dog soup in Korea
Yonhap | Submitted by: Homey D. Clown
A Korean wire photo of French students in Seoul sampling a favorite Korean delicacy, puppy dog soup. The first link is in English and has one small photo, and the second is a full story, in Korean, but it shows some rib. Awww yeah. Note that Yonhap is the official wire service of Korea, this isn't some private press service.

Read article... and This article...

Woman blames fat ass on Booty, sues
Boston Globe | Submitted by: mcmonkey
"A Manhattan woman is seeking some pirate's treasure in a lawsuit that claims a snack food company foiled her diet. Her $50 million suit against the makers of Pirate's Booty corn and rice puffs claims she suffered emotional distress because the snack contained three times more fat than its label advertised."

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Tales From A Porn Set
New York Press | Submitted by: Mr. Ramon
Vivid Video, America's leading porn production company, recently invited a reporter to be a "guest director" for a day to get some publicity. "Hours before their sex scene, Steven keeps going down on Cheyenne while they are shooting some dialogue. Robby D, who has been trying to set up the action, says, 'What are you doing? Do you know how many dicks have been up there today?'...'Having so much fun here,' [Fujiko] says, in her accented, more or less fluent English. 'Japanese dick is purple. I like pink. Caucasian is pink. I can smell the difference between black, Caucasian, Asian.' 'What do they smell like?' I ask. 'White like butter. Japanese–soy sauce. Korean–kimchi. Chinese–miso. Black like baby powder. I smell under the balls.'" Words to live by.

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Hunter shot by drowning woman
Sydney Morning Herald | Submitted by: anonymous
"A woman accidentally shot dead her 29-year-old duck-shooting companion yesterday as he tried to save her from drowning in a lake. A police spokesman said the 25-year-old woman's gun went off, killing the man as he grabbed her clothes when she fell into the lake, gun in hand." We're surmising that the woman drowned and there was a witness (or there would be no details), though these facts seem to be missing from the article.

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