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December 22, 2002

If this confessional's a-rockin
Syracuse Post-Standard | Submitted by: Sarcasm
Some people have foot fetishes, obviously others have never been able to get past their young altar boy experiences: "The Rev. John DeLorenzo, alerted by an alarm going off in the rectory, headed into the church to see what was going on. When he turned on the lights, he found a jacket hanging from the end of a pew with a pair of pants and some white socks on the floor nearby. The door to the confessional then moved."

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Disney: Jesus left cold
Cybercast News Service | Submitted by: oldestgoat
"Walt Disney World in Florida has eliminated its 28 year tradition of offering on-site religious services to Christian guests... "I'm sure Walt Disney is crying from his grave when he sees what the current owners are doing to his basic belief system by saying, 'the inn is full. There's no more room for the baby Jesus.'"

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Chinese Engerlish
News Corporation | Submitted by: the killchoir project
"Fed up with restaurants offering "fried pawns" or "bean turd," Beijing tourism officials are launching a campaign to stamp out mangled English on menus and public signs... Some examples: "Collecting Money Toilet" for a public restroom, and "To take notice of safe, the slippery are very crafty" on a sign warning that roads are slippery."

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Nebraska anti-abortion group plays dirty
Newsday | Submitted by: Dirty Sammy
"The long-time executive director of the state's largest anti-abortion group has been charged with a felony for allegedly intercepting e-mail and voice messages from Planned Parenthood of Lincoln, an abortion provider."

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Swazi king not making any friends
National Post | Submitted by: Dirty Sammy
"His stubborn insistence on spending $51 million, nearly half his country's annual budget, on a luxury Bombardier executive jet, while half his people go hungry, trapped in a regional famine, has enraged opponents of the monarchy and infuriated international aid donors."

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Year of the Gene a dubious achievement
Observer | Submitted by: Ann Onymous
"Worries over the health of Dolly the sheep, the world's first clone, were set against regular rumours of human cloning (as yet unsubstantiated). While DNA testing became standard police procedure, no one was sure how they felt about its forthcoming use as a routine medical tool, available at your local GP's surgery, a fear symbolised by the spat over stolen DNA being used to prove Steve Bing's paternity of Liz Hurley's baby."

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Unusual saint of death draws followers
Mexico City News | Submitted by: wingnut
"The figure, known as La Santísima Muerte, or Saint Death, is a spirit representing death worshipped by everyone from drug traffickers to jealous housewives in Mexico's borderlands. Anthropologists say a growing number of border residents are turning to witchcraft and black magic for power over a host of evils, from deceit and jail time to poverty and sickness."

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D.A.R.E. pig caught buying coke
New Jersey Online | Submitted by: f00f
"Thiel was arrested Wednesday, charged with official misconduct for allegedly having and using drugs. The arrest was part of a case opened Sunday night, when Ptl. Amalio S. Gurcsik of Washington Township was arrested in the parking lot of a Cherry Hill pizzeria, off duty but in his patrol car, allegedly trying to buy two bags of powdered cocaine from a Camden County Prosecutor's Office undercover officer."

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