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November 10, 2002

Blood found in imported lollipops
Canadian Broadcasting | Submitted by: Donnie D.
"The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) received a complaint about reddish brown spots in Lipo Brand lollipops. Tests on two partially eaten lollipops showed they had blood in them."

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Pentagon plans to sniff you
New York Times | Submitted by: MeatPopsicle
A new system under consideration by the Pentagon, that's right, not the FBI or the CIA: the military, would scan just about every single scrap of data for information and connections, and share the conclusions with whichever law enforcement agency might need it. Email, web surfing, chatting, phone records, credit card purchases, it's all pretty much up for grabs. But the best part is who's in charge of the project: Ex-Admiral Poindexter, who was convicted (then sprung on a technicality) for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal. What's next? Ollie North as Secretary of Defense?

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Concubinal lawsuit backfires
ABC News | Submitted by: anonymous
"The old law says, and it's still in effect, that one spouse cannot gift community property to an individual [in this case, his mistress] without the consent of the other spouse," Smith said. "I think the girlfriend should look at the heading on the check, and if it says, 'the account of Mr. and Mrs.,' she's got problems coming down the road."

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Police crackdown on Techno
ABC TV affiliates | Submitted by: Gary Blitz
Police in Racine Wisconsin raided a downtown bar and cited all persons in the downstairs "techno room" for being "inmates of a disorderly house." Club patrons who were not in the techno room were allowed to leave the venue unmolested. "Rave parties are not going to be part of our community and are not going to be tolerated," said Lt. Robert Purdy. Police arrested 3 individuals for drugs and issued the remaining 440+ club patrons $968 tickets for listening to the wrong kind of music.

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Braniac finds bacteria, eggs in airplane water
Charlotte Observer | Submitted by: meatload
"The questions of a 13 year old science prodigy helped launch an investigation into the safety of airplane tap water. With his small thermal cooler packed with petri dishes, filters, agar, vials and a syringe, Zach took samples of water from the airplane's galleys and lavatory taps. He tested the waters on nine different flights and found seven were contaminated with E.coli, fecal coliform or salmonella. In one, he even found insect eggs."

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Scottish kids trying for neon high
Sunday Mail | Submitted by: meatload
"Youngsters are risking death by climbing up lamp posts, breaking the light open and sniffing the gas. Kids believe the neon-filled bulbs will give them a buzz, but the inert gas has no effect. Instead, they run the risk of lights exploding in their faces. Youngsters in Dundee have already targeted nearly 300 lamp posts in several city housing schemes.

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Lincoln assassin's doctor seeks clear name
Newsday | Submitted by: Honkey Kong
"In the 1930s, his grandson Richard Mudd began lobbying presidents and Congress to clear his grandfather's name. In 1992, he filed a complaint with the Army that ultimately led to the decision Friday by the three judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia."

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Hate Crimes for Dummies
Wichita Eagle | Submitted by: Dirty Sammy
"Two black faced dummies hanging by nooses in a Wichita front yard, one resident's statement against two men convicted of a killing spree, does not constitute a hate crime, police said Friday. "As disturbing as it may be to our community, it does not rise to the level of a crime," Deputy Police Chief Robert Lee said at a news conference."

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Pigging out in San Jose
New York Times | Submitted by: wingnut
San Jose has a pig problem. The second link is a NYT story that is more general, but contains information reported many months ago. The first link details problems with pigs on golf courses. "For the last few months, the condominiums and nearby neighborhoods have been under siege by marauding wild pigs. Hungry and thirsty pigs that walk miles for a meal. Huge pigs that outweigh many of the people who live here. Abundant bands of pigs that enjoy nothing more than gouging the succulent lawns and, when stuffed, making more pigs."

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