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October 27, 2002

Eminem impersonator causes panic
BBC | Submitted by: Bob_McBob
A chainsaw wielding Eminem impersonator caused panic when he decided to make a dramatic entrance to a fancy dress party, but got the wrong address... A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: "The poor occupant was clearly frightened out of his skin."

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Thirteen year old 's classroom cock-up
South Africa Sunday Times | Submitted by: mahiTMler uber alles
Not content with rape per se, this teen has five young classmates hold down his 9 year old victims as he rapes them in front of other pupils. And a new victim every day. He also took their lunch money. Bonus heart-wrenching pic of one of the tiny tots who told.

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Getting jiggy with jargon
Wichita Eagle | Submitted by: deathstar461
"What's funnier than someone who casually drops the phrase "bling bling" into his everyday vocabulary? What's more hilarious than a speaker who believes that "bootylicious" is a word worthy of frequent, all-purpose usage? People with influence and important jobs are beginning to take our generation's wacky, playful lingo a little too seriously."

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We kill our birds. Now we kill yours
Observer | Submitted by: Son of Benway
"Alberto Banchetti loves Scotland. He is passionate about the scenery, the people, and the wildlife. Blasting pigeons from the sky over Fife last week with a Benellie semi-automatic shotgun, the 31-year-old Roman was in a state of bliss... Nearly 2,000 fly in to shoot the birds every season, which lasts from August to January. The reason? From Sicily to Verona, the skies over Italy have largely been emptied of pretty much everything with wings and feathers."

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Perverts with Camcorders Month continues
Courier Times | Submitted by: Son of Benway
"A 28-year-old Falls mother of two was arrested Thursday after she allegedly confessed to sexually assaulting her 8 year old son while her boyfriend allegedly videotaped it... Falls police on Thursday searched the trailer where the woman and her boyfriend were living and found an 8mm videotape that showed her having sex with her son, the affidavit said. Falls police said the woman subsequently confessed."

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Art turns exhibit into shooting gallery
New York Post | Submitted by: wingnut
"A video installation in the basement of a SoHo art gallery gives New Yorkers a sniper's-eye view, by letting them take aim and fire at videos of mothers with their children and tongue-wagging porn stars. Some people are freaked out by it, but most of them understand that it's not intended to provoke violence... You've got to be able to separate fantasy from reality." Not to mention art from shit.

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Fun at job interviews
Arizona Republic | Submitted by: wingnut
We were interviewing for a pool attendant, and she decided it was getting too hot, so she took off her pantyhose in the middle of the interview... Another candidate filled out an application coming straight from the pool, dressed only in a bikini. There was the candidate that appeared on a Monday as "Randy" and on Tuesday as "Rhonda," and completed an identical resume. Neither got the job.

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Demonstrators nearly lose their heads
San Francisco Chronicle | Submitted by: Elton Tom
"Two demonstrators heading to Saturday's anti-war march in San Francisco were critically injured when their heads, sticking through the roof of a former school bus, hit the top of the Broadway Tunnel... "It sounded like a gunshot," said Warren Deming, 47, of Guerneville, one of about 25 people on the bus. "It was a very loud impact."

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