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October 06, 2002

One very small step for Texas
Houston Chronicle | Submitted by: Fester
"Texans with far too much spare time, money and open space sent a rocket 20,000 feet up as the offical opening of a commercial, open to the public spaceport. The launch site -- on treeless, scrubby ranchland about 9 miles south of Fort Stockton -- is a far cry from NASA. About two dozen Angus cattle watched Saturday's proceedings from a few hundred yards away, and a GMC van served as mission control."

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Revicid... Redivs... Recidivism rules!
San Francisco Chronicle | Submitted by: Son of Benway
"It all started Sept. 25 when the cops got a call about a drunk passed out in a store doorway where Sanchez has repeatedly been picked up in the past. Officers showed up and found Sanchez, sleeping in his own excrement. They woke him up and told him he was violating the stay-away order imposed on him five arrests ago. "Fuck the judge! I can stay here if I want to!" Sanchez screamed, according to the police report. Then he picked up the empty vodka bottle and threw it at the cop."

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Snake poo forensics
New York Times | Submitted by: Son of Benway
"It took some significant and lengthy questioning before we finally hit the right question and the donor told us he had a pet snake," Dr. Gilcher said, adding that the snake was a 9-foot boa constrictor. "Then it took a brave soul to go and culture the stool of that snake. And they don't defecate very often. It took about two weeks before the snake defecated."

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When science and art collide
Popular Science | Submitted by: Croughan
"Odds are, you don't think about your digestive system much, except when it demands attention. But you're not likely ever to take your innards for granted again after you see a current exhibit at New York's New Museum of Contemporary Art. It's an in-your-face $200,000 simulation of the human digestive tract by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. Called Cloaca (Latin for sewer), it grinds up restaurant meals and then digests them for 22 hours, eventually depositing a sausage of waste on a conveyor belt."

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Humping monkey bites soccer coach
The Hindu | Submitted by: Soylent
"In a bizarre incident, a monkey tore off a soccer coach's ear while he was trying to save his young trainees from the simian at a stadium here... Local residents said hordes of monkeys from Dakshineshwar Temple often invaded the stadium and disturbed the players by holding [humping] their legs."

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Promised beer never given to killer
Cincinnati Enquirer | Submitted by: Soylent
"Police obtained a confession from their main suspect, Robert Cordell, 42, by enticing him with an open beer. He was never actually allowed to drink the beer, said Reading Police Lt. Scott Snow... "We as police officers are allowed to be deceptive to people as long as we don't promise them things that could benefit their cases, like leniency... But I can lie about things that would not have benefited him, like the beer."

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Colorado county requires fingerprints for checks
KUSA-TV 9 Denver | Submitted by: Soylent
"You'll soon have to provide a fingerprint to go shopping in Jefferson County. Consumers using checks or credit cards will have to give their prints to merchants. It's a new tactic aimed at cracking down on identity theft and catching crooks who use fake IDs. Already, people cashing payroll checks at King Soopers have to give a fingerprint."

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Observer | Submitted by: Soylent
"The received wisdom is that you don't disturb him.The last interview he gave was in 1971, and from then until now, there are only about 20 recorded encounters of any kind. His family says it upsets him to discuss the days when he was the spirit of psychedelia, beautiful Syd Barrett, the leader of Pink Floyd... I knock again, and hear three heavy steps. The door flies open and he's standing there. He's stark naked except for a small, tight pair of bright blue Y-fronts; bouncing, like the books say he always did, on the balls of his feet."

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