rotten previously
stuff that we were carrying a little while ago

Head of Terrorist
The severed head of a suicide terrorist

Afghan Kids
Our first exploratory into K-12 art

Japanese Anime
takes a turn for the worse

Murder in Brazil
An unusual cadaver

Baby Seal Head
Powerful image from Greenland

Dramatic car accident photos

Clearly destined to be a new Olympic sport

Ethiopian Shower
Cleaner before or after?

Eat Chinese
How do they answer the phone

Safe Sex in Uganda
This can get very complicated

Iranian Flogging
Mr. Bean must be avenged

Student vs. Train
Pictures from Bangalore

Kitty Porn
Animal Appreciation Week continues..

German Luau
It's a science experiment

Your culinary tastes may vary

Will you still love me?

Just add water (if it could only be so easy)

An accident along the Italian highway

Catch the bouquet at all costs

Dogs eat man, but don't quite finish

Self-Immolation therapy

You know, they do have a point

Past the Ghat
Funeral custom of the Asian subcontinent

Violence in Haiti, from 1994

Deep Shit
Things are a little different over in Texas

A very unusual wound pattern

And THAT'S why the lady is a tramp

Drunk Driving
Crash and burn with c2h5oh

Too Many Holes
The extreme end of modern primitivity's bell curve

Dwell a bit in don't-ask-don't-tell territory

Florida Peach
You can bet this one gets revoked quickly

And again more pictures from Brazil

Namibian justice is miles ahead of us

Pipe Bomb
The result of an errant explosion

Maggots ate my piranha!

Ferrari Crash
Sportscar dismemberment death in Brazil

Protesters are Bad
Police will put an end to this unsightly menace

Train Bisection
It isn't art unless you're willing to die for it

Powerline Thief
Daring drama of Man vs Scrapmetal

Borneo Tragedy
Decapitation massacres in Sampit Indonesia

Hanging Around Forever
And well past his expiration date

Size Can Matter
Lamenting the runt end of the bell curve

Licking the Axis Powers
Smutty propaganda from World War II

Police Photos #1
Murder and suicide evidence

Say it with penis

If you can keep your head...
A decapitated tribute to Rudyard Kipling

Mayhem #6
Blood and guts and teeth and boots

Tumor Man
Filipino man completely covered in tumors

Israeli soldiers killed in Intifada fighting

Burnt Crispy Person
Hot off the detective's desk..

Mousetrap Genital Circus
After this it hurts just to beat off

Scientology Autopsy
The peculiar death of Lisa McPherson

Babies in Bottles
What we did on our summer vacation

Mayhem #5
It's Happy Balloon Time with the less fortunate

Olympic Flamers
Quick Salute to the Olympic Torch

I think I just swallowed a bug

Train Oops
New Train Photos we hadn't seen

Elephantiasis Mammaria
The best known photo of this rare condition

Severed Hands
Brand new images from the emergency room

Botched Execution in Florida
Story of a fat man plus the electric chair

Mayhem #3
Series of dismemberments and brutality

This is Your Rat on Drugs
Public service: Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

Mayhem Series #2
Autopsy photos, sent to us anonymously

Tupac Autopsy
Evidence photo taken by the Las Vegas coroner

Australian Bikie Massacre
Album of a nasty motorcycle fight down under

Additional items from our archives

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