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An archive of disturbing illustration

Celebrity Morgue
Where the rich and famous go to die.

Rotten Dead Pool

Feel the pain, baby


Celebrities and the Infamous, behind bars.

Rotten Store

Shirts handmade by street urchins in Central America.


Rotten's collection of bizarre porn-o-graphy.


Huge database of people, films, and groups

Rotten Dead Pool via twitter

Latest deaths courtesy of NNDB

Weird News

Daily weird news and strange happenings.


I will never "vote dong" again.

Leisure Town

It's truly strange.

Rate My Poo

Perhaps more alarming than Rotten.

The Smoking Gun

Amazing documents obtained from Government & law enforcement.


Culture Jammer's Headquarters.


The problems of the future, today!

Cult of the Dead Cow

Welcome to the cow, motherfucker.

Electric Retard

Suitable for children.

Darwin Awards

Be the first on your block to remove yourself from the gene pool.


Certainly it's dyn o mite.

Rotten.com -- The Facebook Group

~Rotten Dot Com Is Tight As Hell~

Dark Side of the Web

Bringing you into the darkness since 1994.

Faces of Death

Autopsy and other shock videos at shockumentary.com

2600 Magazine

The Hacker Quarterly.

The Onion

Issued every Wednesday, important news you can use.


The subculture search engine.


The quintessential archive of 1980's underground tfiles.

Rotten Library

A collecton of all that mankind swore to forget

Pokey the Penguin


Institute for Official Cheer

Irony-free imagery from the golden age of American culture.


Wanton marine life and hardcore crustacea.

Landover Baptist Ministry

Entertainment on a par with masturbation.

Jesus of the Week

The Love of Christ in all the Wrong Places.

Pot Brownie Recipe

Delicacy from the kitchens of Mr. Ozone

Worldwide Piracy Initiative

Resources involving freedom of information and forbidden fruit.

Cool Beans

Worshipping the absurd since 1993.

Bitter Waitress

Disgruntled food service.


Operation Clambake fights against the CoS

Avocado Memories

Bad avocado tiki taste in the 1970's.

Survival Research Labs

Producing the most dangerous shows on earth.

Garfield Minus Garfield


Electronic Frontiers Foundation

Defending Freedom in the Digital World

Street Mattress

So much work for something so brilliantly stupid.

Billboard Liberation Front

Outdoor advertising improvement.

Time Cube

Such ignorance is damnable.

Bad Candy

Some candy can create misery and suffering.

Extreme Ironing

The latest danger sport.


Bad craziness at impossible speeds.


Entirely too much fun with an Apple IIE and Printshop.

Broccoli Man

Support pro-choice of vegetables.


Streamlined, Dial-Up Friendly


A clean well lighted place for dick.

Spam Radio

Delicious helpings of spam via Internet radio.

Sperm Cube

Nice project, but... is it art?

Dr. Sputnik

Gossip for Your Spage-Age Tomorrow

Penny Postcards

Send postcards to your weird friends.

Rate My Kitten

Cute, adorable kittens. Seriously.

NNDB Mapper

Visual tool that lets you explore the connections between people.

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